Property in Spain.Procedure for acquisition of real estate .The residence permit when buying in the amount of 160,000 Euros.

Other properties in Spain are divided into 2 categories.

The first group entering properties, prepared to stay in motion the holiday season.Usually, these objects are located in the provinces of Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and of itself does not imply quite large areas.The cost of "seasonal" real estate fluctuates from 160 000 to 500 000 EUR.These housing are bought for different purposes.Someone spends their vacation, someone leases during the holiday season.

second group of Spanish property - properties that are designed for year-round occupancy.Holiday villas in Spain, traditionally, have their garages and reservoirs, and are much more expensive than housing in apartments on the beaches.Properties in Spain, offered for implementation are an average of 250 000 - 500 000 EUR.But as soon as the Spanish government has approved a draft law on residence permits to all Russians who have bought property in Spain worth more than EUR 160 000, many developers have to reduce prices, as recorded a surge in demand in early 2013, when the law came into force.

To date, the Spanish real estate market while situation more favorably for investing their funds in this area."Reloaded" and clearing the real estate market took place in 2008-2009, due to the financial crisis that began in the United States, the echoes of which have touched virtually all the powers of the European Union, and, of course, Spain.Together with recourse business vitality significantly slowed the rise of prices for real estate in Spain (villas, apartments, townhouses, apartments, land, commercial real estate), although in the past 10 years, prices increase very rapidly.But most of the experts pointed out that the situation will stabilize soon, and prices will go up again.Property in Spain: supply, demand, cost, and environmental quality has steadily and confidently begin to grow.Therefore, now is the best time to invest in real estate in Spain.

purchase of apartments, villas and townhouses in Spain, as elsewhere, is preceded by familiarization with the various combinations of properties put up for sale.After the conclusion adopted, the preparatory signs a contract of sale and the customer makes a deposit.Once the deposit is paid, the object is removed from the real estate sales and reserved on a given buyer.The deposit is not normally exceed 10% of the single price of the property.

second step in the acquisition of real estate associated with obtaining a police branch identification number of an alien, or sparingly NIE.In the absence of this document, (assignment NIE), citizens of other countries will not be able to open a bank account in Spain, as well as many others to pass legal procedures.

3rd step will be the signing of an official act of the purchase passes at the notary.The act of transmission is called Escritura Publica.Once the contract is signed, the client transfers from their own account to the merchant for purchase right amount - the cost of the property plus tax - 7% VAT and 1% stamp duty, and 7% tax on the transfer of ownership to the secondary market.Full owner of real estate in Spain, the buyer is immediately after the transfer of the entire amount of funds.

On the fourth step - stems registration in the Register of real estate supplies in Spain.It is quite a long process: on average, it takes 2-4 months.After registration of its inherent property, the foreign buyer gets the advantage to get multivisa or have a residence permit, if the value of his property will be 160 000 euro or more than that amount.

As you know, in Spain, excellent infrastructure, climate promotes the development of a commercial resort business.These factors make more real estate in Spain cute and interesting for the consumer and investment from Russia.

But now the real estate market in Spain is developed so much so that when a potential buyer for the shopping, renting any property in Spain, all parties as possible, as much as possible, backyard by bureaucratic problems and delays associated with the laws of Spain.This concerned not only the seller, but the Spanish government, as has recently been a growing interest of the authorities of the state to this kind of investment.This procedure works in all regions of Spain, including resorts such as Puerto Banus, Marbella, Malaga, Andalusia, and the whole Costa del Sol.All residents of Spain, involved in this kind of activity, rentals, real estate, will be the most help their clients in legal aspects of the transaction.