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relations with the chance to be long-term, should not be difficult to identify.Well, how much time a person is able to make the brain itself and others in a non-stop?Well, six months, a year, in particularly severe cases - a couple of years.And then he pulls out all the final and published in sorrowful silence leaves the auditorium, leaving the protagonist alone in sweating on stage under the glow of spotlights.

so-called complex relationships, all these "come-gone" and talk about the many hours of high - it is, sorry, from a surplus of free time.This is the wrong attitude.Really.

It's like if you go to the showroom and want to Bentley, but your means, at best, enough for a down payment for the "zhopel" as standard.You can come to this salon for years, but all you shining - it is still "zhopel."You will say that Bentley - the only thing that is right for you, you proklyuete skull with all your family and friends, you will make a mournful face and wringing his hands, you spoil your life, you will build suffering a fetish, but you never stop to think thateverything you need - a strong, reliable workhorse with working air conditioning, clean interior and correctly selected tires that will take you from point A to point B.

relationship should be as simple as two pennies, because love does not calculate.It does not matter whether it is the genius physicist or a simple Bob-milling, no matter what his education, how many languages ​​he speaks, how many women he had, and whether he writes poetry, what is important is how you comfortable with him.If it brings you to the depression, if you with it no less shitty than without it, if you know that you are with him do not shine if it makes your brain, if he loves all these frazochki: "I'm not ready"or "We have to wait," or "I need to think," or "It's so difficult," - send it.Whether you liked it or did it was just a whim - you will understand only much later, so you absolutely nothing to lose.

Love generally indefinable state of love is often mistaken desire, respect, habit, jealousy, the desire to get even, and much more.From the "complicated" relationship you do not win anything but a headache.If you need it, the headache, if you live without it can not, find the courage to admit that you do not need this particular man, and that headache you get with him.And learn how to extract the headache of a more productive relationship, just warn np-c-and-L-L-n-o-grams-about a man that on Wednesdays and Saturdays you - uniform bitch, that he may be prepared in advance.

again and again: the relationship should be simple.You do with this man give birth to children, farm news, plans to build, go to visit, to communicate with relatives and in general to conduct the most that neither is primitive philistine life.And if you think that you will pass this cup, you oh-oh-oh-oh-very much mistaken.

It's how it happens?At first, we need высокийстройныйкрасивыйумныйбогатыйперспективныйсексуальныйромантичный,and only much later, we understand - we all understand - that we need a man who can be relied upon to be not around when his mind right peremknulo.And always.Always, you know?Therefore reliability - very important quality.

Him to help you in the most difficult moments of life, when well complete ass and step right, step left - go nuts.Therefore, the responsibility - is also very important quality.

you want to share with him the joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, dreams and fears, so empathy - is generally kapets importance.

you learn it inside and out, you will understand each other perfectly, you eventually pritretes each other as honed supermegaekstrastanke gear, you will continue to make trouble and put up because he did not you, it's anotherman, though he ground under you just as you are under it.Therefore, tolerance - without it, well, just did.

And you will constantly give each other a part of himself, piece by piece gnawing his bachelor habits, it is now fashionable word "compromise", so that flexibility - it is also very, very important.

And you will make important decisions, individually and collectively, the decisions that it is able to change your current way of life, so that without trust - well, just nothing at all.

Think, that's when you were 20, you did anything without thought, right?You want him to famously drove to your supertachke, beautifully presented flowers and so kissed on the lips.And for you to admire its awesome, beautiful eyes, and in general would be like in the picture.So in fact it does not matter never.Spitting, beautiful or not, tall or short, slim or chubby, stuttering or rhetorician.All you need from him - is the realization that here with this man, and into the fire and into the water, and copper pipes, and that when he's around, you very well.And that without it you mountain-ah-ah-ah-azdo bad, than with him.

And I assure you, when you turn around back 20 years from now, when you continue to be touched by measuring its temperature and helping to write the will, even though it only once sneezed, and when you stop to conduct last intimate conversations "Wherewe are moving, "because you have already arrived there, where you need to, so this is love.Love - it is not pre-calculated.Never.

And here these "complicated" relationship - well, damn, well, go on courses of macrame or something.Or help orphans.Leave your poor brain alone, and without him you worry a mouthful.

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