The largest shopping center in Moscow.

Moscow is a rapidly developing metropolis.One evidence of this fact - the emergence of new shopping centers, which have an impressive area.Muscovites and visitors can spend their leisure time entertaining.It's enough to visit one of these facilities.Selecting a pastime that provides its customers with large shopping centers of Moscow, is rich and varied.It's not just the usual shopping.Do not go beyond the complex, you can have lunch or dinner in the restaurant, visit the cinema, etc.

largest shopping and entertainment complex

To make it easier to navigate in a variety of shops of the capital, is sufficient to find the shopping center of Moscow on the map.The largest of these is the shopping center "Vegas".It is located on the twenty-fourth kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, near the intersection of the highway with the Kashira highway.The largest shopping center in Moscow «Vegas» was officially opened on 1.06.2010, the year later, he was recognized as the largest in Europe.

Description of the complex

largest Moscow shopping center is located in an area of ​​three hundred eighty-six thousand square meters.This shopping district is allocated 130 thousand square meters.

first time indoors in Russia park was designed in two levels, which establishes the extreme rides.It is located on the territory of the shopping center "Vegas".In the center of amusement park Ferris wheel set.Its height is equal to eighteen meters.There is also an ice arena.Among the attractions of particular interest is the fall of the tower height of nineteen meters.

Chain stores

largest Moscow shopping center "Vegas" offers its space to many tenants.These include hypermarkets "Auchan", "M.Video», «Media Markt», conceptual area, which bears the name of "Your House", a theme park located on its premises theater 5D, network multicomplex "Luxor", comprising ninehalls.

Forty percent of all space shopping center shall be the anchor tenant.

shopping center "Vegas".Shopping

largest shopping center in Moscow offers its guests more than three hundred stores.In the design of the complex has provided a unique concept.So, provided the division of internal space in the shopping areas, each of which reflects the ethnic and cultural traditions of different peoples.

there in the shopping center "Vegas" night street "Ginza".This series of boutiques offering customers products of the most expensive brands.Those who appreciate jewelry and is worth a visit chic «Gold Street».Here Jewelry offers a wide range.

Buyers are immersed in the atmosphere of seething retail shops on the street East «Bazaar».A «Fashion Avenue», is sure to win fans a wide variety of fashion boutiques, offering favorite brands.The subjects of each of the regions is complemented by great background music.It is said that on the trading area of ​​the complex has more than seven thousand specially produced lighting elements.


for nothing matched the name of the shopping center.The largest shopping center in Russia has a unique design and architecture.The entire complex is made in the spirit of the famous American city of Las Vegas.

The mall «Vegas» A new kind of shopping experience that is combined with entertainment.Numerous attractions delight visitors at all levels of the two indoor park.In addition to the Ferris wheel and the leaning tower, there is a cave adventure, auto, and skalo- motodrom, and much more.

in several rooms of the cinema "Luxor" installed equipment that allows to show movies in the format not only 3D, and 5D.There is also a VIP-hall.The shopping center is a large area of ​​restaurants and cafes, as well as the center of family entertainment.

largest shopping centers of the capital

second largest after the complex of "Vegas" is a shopping center "Mega Belaya Dacha".It is located in an area of ​​three hundred square meters.In this business area shopping center occupies 182,622 square meters.m. The complex is located at the fourteenth kilometer Ring Road.The name of the shopping center was borrowed from immediately located residential neighborhood "White Villas".The official opening of the complex took place on 29.11.2006 The full completion of construction was 14.12.2007

Commerce Square shopping center "Mega Belaya Dacha" rents hypermarket "Auchan", sells food, stores "IKEA", "Do It Yourself".In addition, guests of the complex can visit the garden center called "Belaya Dacha" megamarket home appliances and electronics "Media Market".In a large shopping center is a hypermarket "Decathlon" implementing sporting goods, as well as "M.Video", offering visitors electronics.

Shopping in the shopping center "Mega Belaya Dacha" can be perfectly combined with a visit bowling, billiards club and a cinema "Kinostar", which offers a view movies in one of its fifteen rooms.In the shopping center operates a children's play center, a central stage and ice rink.

Another big shopping center in Moscow - a "Golden Babylon Rostokino".Its official opening took place on 17.11.2009 Square shopping complex - two hundred forty-one thousand square meters.Shopping area at the same time is located on 170,000 square meters.m. On its territory you can visit hypermarkets "Okay" and «Castorama», four department store, about three hundred and eighty shops, entertainment center with bowling alley, and a multiplex cinema.Work on the territory of the mall restaurants, cafes and numerous salons services.

The five largest shopping center of the capital includes a shopping and entertainment center "City."There shall trade area of ​​more than two hundred and fifty tenants.In addition to shops, restaurants and cafes offering its services to visitors with eight cinema halls "Kronverk Cinema".There is also an ice arena.At the same time the shopping center "City" can accommodate up to three million people.

Another major shopping and entertainment complex is a shopping center of the capital RONs.It is located on the Dmitrov highway.This eighty-second kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road.The official opening of the complex took place on 19.12.2008, the total area of ​​the shopping center - 250,000 sq.m.Sale of goods is carried out on a hundred and fifty thousand square meters.

Guests can visit the shopping center RONs such outlets as "OUR Hypermarket", "Eldorado," "Our House."It offers customers who want to combine shopping with entertainment, a cinema "Cinema Star", an amphitheater and a bowling area.

shopping center "Moscow»

in Lublin is one of the most famous and large complexes of the capital.This shopping center "Moscow".On its premises is more than five thousand trade pavilions.At the same time they are placed on the one hundred and seventy thousand square meters.The goods in boutiques shopping center "Moscow" can be purchased not only in retail.Wholesale trade here.Here every customer will choose the best according to your taste and wallet baby goods, furs, shoes, clothes, perfumes and cosmetics, bedding and linens, jewelry, building materials, furniture, etc.
shopping center "Moscow" in Lublin offers a full range of household services, visits to the cinema, restaurants and cafes, auto services.Children can have a great time in the play area.If necessary, you can relax in the hotel, which has three hundred and eighty rooms.

Modern cultural and business center in the capital

implemented the project of a multifunctional complex, which included a trade fair center and a hotel.This CDC "Hanoi-Moscow".For the construction of the facility were involved in the Vietnamese investment.Under the complex of the lot, with an area of ​​4.9 hectares.

Exhibition and Trade Center "Hanoi-Moscow" is a three-storey building.The total area of ​​the buildings is almost thirty-one and a half thousand sq. M.m. When you create a CDC project "Hanoi-Moscow" took into account all the current trends in commercial real estate.

Shopping area of ​​the complex connects suppliers both retail and wholesale.In addition, buyers can always find here the right product for themselves.Showcases many boutiques hit a huge assortment of fashionable footwear and clothing, various accessories and household items, as well as elegant gifts.Buy you can and food.

addition, the shopping center offers for rent pavilions intended for exhibitions.All the architectural and planning solutions building allow customers to feel as comfortable as possible.From the hotel, located on the territory of the complex, to the commercial pavilions can be accessed via a covered pedestrian crossing, and the guests who come by car, go up to the mall in the elevator to the underground parking.