The story about how to get to SWAT

What boy did not dream to put on a uniform and perform special tasks?Probably almost everyone imagined myself running with a gun to capture criminals and repeatedly asked the question to parents on how to get to the riot police.If the Pope began to tell what you need to learn, then my mother, sighing and moaning, actively discouraged sonnies from such a dangerous way.It is obvious that, in addition to the nobility, this work provides a real danger.How many employees were awarded medals already, unfortunately, posthumously.Therefore, we must properly weigh everything before you act.

How to get to the riot police, who did not serve in the army?

Until recently it seemed unreal.But lately, more and more often you can hear that in gaining this structure and those who have not given their duty to the Motherland.Why is this happening?The fact that the frame is missing, so that the requirements change somewhat.The first take, of course, VDV-Schnick and Marines.If this line biography dash, then look at the physical training.It has to be excellent, especially good if you have sports awards.

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Riot policemen - ordinary people or robots?

may seem that riot police are doing everything to order, giving absolutely no record of his actions.This is not so.All employees of the unit differ sharp mind, wit, instant reaction to danger.They know how to work in a team and to act cohesively.This they learn over the years, perfecting every step and shot at numerous training.Special abilities are different leaders who not only have excellent physical preparation, but also analytical mind, able to organize the actions of their subordinates, to develop a plan of operations.

What standards must pass in order to pass the exam in the riot?

for candidates for the post of the OMON soldier set standard requirements for physical training.No one knows how to get into the OMON, unable to even do push-ups, because it is unrealistic.Applicants for the proud title should not only a certain number of push-ups again, but to be able to catch up on the bar, to do abdominal exercises, withstand several rounds of close combat with a single opponent.

If there is a clear confidence in the willingness and ability to get this service, you need to specify the job in the near riot police station.The personnel department will be given a referral for medical examination and say, when is the examination of physical fitness.

Do not forget that taking the slender ranks of riot police are always on a competitive basis.After the admission of doctors and the successful delivery of all standards is the last step.He is in a conversation with a psychologist and a representative of Staff.They questioned the motives of enlistment, through special tests determine the type of character and temperament.During this conversation, you have to be very frank, because of the specialists do not hide a lie.It is necessary to tell about their achievements, positive traits, special skills and, of course, the desire to become a riot police.

Before dreaming about how to get to the riot police, should think seriously and once again weigh the "pros" and "cons" to decide whether there is enough physical and moral forces that help to transfer all the hardships of life.