Victoria, Queen of Great Britain

Certainly, many are interested in the question of why the British Isles Regal takes the throne of the King and Queen of England.Ever since the formation of an independent state in the IX century in England eight consecutive change of dynasties, but among its members there is still a kinship as the first representative of the new names whenever married a woman from the previous one.Thus, the British can be proud to say that today's ruling Elizabeth II comes straight from William the Conqueror.

In England, the rule of kings began with the house of Stuart.Now there is a tradition according to which only the Queen of Britain is considered the present monarch, while her husband - a prince.Of course, keep in mind that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is a constitutional monarchy, but only because the Queen reigns but does not govern.Control function executes the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.Her Majesty performs representative functions, to make statements to the subjects for the New Year and is actively involved in charity work.

Unlike continental Europe, in England, more tolerant of women on the throne of headship.The country had known many glorious monarch who ruled the empire of power and even the "iron hand."Among them are Mary I, Elizabeth I, Mary II, Anna.But the most significant mark in the history of not only England, but also other states left Victoria, Queen of Great Britain.This remarkable woman has been on the throne for more than 63 years and the entire period of her reign is called - Victorian.

Alexandrina Victoria - this is her full name because of the cross spoke Russian Emperor Alexander I - was released in 1819. Until 1837, it bore the title of Duchess of Kent.When he died, her closest relative, Wilhelm IV, he had no legitimate heirs.In this regard, she got a new title - the Queen of England - at a ceremony held on June 28, 1838.Crown of India was annexed to the list of her titles in 1876. With her death in 1901 ended the history of Hanover.The Victorian era marked the greatest flowering of the British Empire, its industrial strength, but also, surprisingly, the era of puritanism and moral rigor.

In 1840 Victoria married her cousin, Duke Albert, Prince Consort, who in 1857 granted the title of prince.They had nine children.Through dynastic marriages of children and grandchildren, monarch of England received the nickname "The grandmother of Europe", whose descendants became law in Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm II of Hohenzollern - her grandson), Spain and even Russia (granddaughter of Alexander married Nicholas II; thus, Tsarevich Alexei - grandson of the Queen of England).It is said that Victoria gave his male descendants hemophilia gene.

This Queen of Great Britain was beloved by the people.Her name is given to a set of objects discovered during her reign: water lily in the tropics British Guiana Victoria regia, waterfall, one of the biggest lakes and even an asteroid astronomer Dzh.Hindom open in 1850.

now on the throne of a constitutional monarchy seated Queen Elizabeth 2, which was born in 1926.She ascended to the throne in 1953. Her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, by tradition, was not crowned.He brought an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty as a vassal.At the royal pair had four children.They now have eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter, who was born in 2011 and was named Savannah.