Where and how to get SNILS the child?

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Changes to the law in force resulted in the emergence of the need to register children and adolescents in the national pension insurance.Since the beginning of 2012 the citizens of Russia have the right to design individual universal electronic card, provides municipal and state services, as well as facilitating participation in the programs of social and medical insurance.Bank card to make payments, student card, a travel document for public transportation, pension certificate - all of these documents replace one card.It is also a medical insurance policy, so the provision of treatment without SNILS (personal individual account numbers) is now not possible.Since these data are required citizens of the Russian Federation to obtain various public services, the issue of such certificates and registration in the program of compulsory pension insurance became mandatory for children and adolescents who are citizens of Russia and foreign citizens who permanently reside in the territory of the country.How to get SNILS the child?Where it is necessary to address?How long does the design?And what SNILS documents for a child to be collected?These are the questions we will try to find the answers right now.

in the pension certificate must include the following information: Full name and date of birth of the holder, place of registration and the date when the information was entered into the system of compulsory insurance, as well as a unique personal account number.

SNILS How to get to the child?

To register a child who is not yet 14 years old, the Department of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has the right to one of the parents.As for the required documents, you will need only a Russian passport to submit documents, as well as the birth certificate of the applicant (the child).Fills and assured his signature profile of the insured person a parent in the child's presence is not necessary.

SNILS How to get a child who is over 14 years old?In this case, he may appeal to the PF yourself with a passport (under Russian law in this aged man has a right to issue it).

SNILS Where to get the child?

parent or the child has the right to apply to any management PF Russia, regardless of its geographical location.Moreover, in some regions of Russia organized the registration process in the state compulsory for every citizen pension insurance (filling in questionnaires and certification) to the children's educational institutions (schools, kindergartens), which is certainly very convenient for parents who have a busy schedule and do notcan set aside time for a hike in the PF.Therefore, if you are wondering about how to get SNILS a child, we recommend that you first contact the school that your child attends and perhaps draw a pension certificate, you can there.