Goddess of Fortune - the personification of blind luck

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Goddess of Fortune - the embodiment of femininity, unpredictable luck, material wealth, unlimited happiness.Her image has long been associated with only a positive influence on the destiny of the people.It manifested itself in the care and protection of the elect, who will of blind chance, regardless of financial status and position in society, had the honor to get under her patronage.

Goddess is a kind of talisman especially women and girls who are preparing to get married for the first time, mothers of children born in love and marriage.After all, she herself - a woman, symbolizes femininity, innocence, humility, compassion and motherhood.

historical roots of worshiping the deity

Fortuna - the goddess of fortune, the first evidence of worship of which were recorded by the ancient Romans and Italians.The excavations on the territory of modern Italy have discovered a temple built in the VI century BC.e., which is no coincidence that the temple is located near the Mater Matuta - patron saint of married women, the goddess of fertility.

Initially, the Roman goddess Fortuna was worshiped by farmers, gardeners, symbolized fertility, protected the crop from pests, weather.Later, her name has become synonymous with innocence, she was considered an object of worship respectable women to marry only once, the symbol of maternal origin.

deity portrayed as a beautiful young woman with a cornucopia in his hands, blindfolded, seated on the wheel.Each attribute has become an integral part of its image, a kind of symbol, carrying a hidden meaning, united in a sign of femininity and pure beauty.

Image deity with cornucopia

Traditionally, the image of the Goddess associated with its activities, scope of protection and defense.Goddess of Fortune with cornucopia symbolizes a fertile harvest prosperity in the house, immense happiness, luck and prosperity, untold wealth and prosperity.

cornucopia in Greek mythology depicted directed upwards, always crowded to overflowing with flowers, fruits, grapes, and belonged Plutus - the Greek god of wealth.In the Middle Ages it has acquired the quality of the Holy Grail, had the honor to drink from which the untold riches, eternal youth and life, forgiveness of all earthly sins.

Themis - a goddess of justice, the patroness of the innocent, portrayed as the goddess Fortune, with a horn of plenty.

symbolic meaning paddle

Goddess Fortuna with an oar symbolized choosing the right direction, teach sinners, having lost the right path, pointing them to the true path in life.Oar - a symbol of the movement control.It helps to overcome obstacles and to direct the boat to the right shore, even if the vessel is moving against the current.

also paddle in ancient Egypt meant power, the ability to manage.Oar, being an attribute of river deities, carries the meaning of the highest knowledge, invincible force, and an infinite number of skills.

Goddess on the wheel

goddess Fortuna on the wheel or ball symbolized the volatility and unpredictability of fate.The wheel itself, is in constant motion, and stood for change and to move forward, overcoming obstacles.Moving around its axis, the wheel indicates the symbolic repetition of the events, all the reward he deserved.Earth as a ball and wheel, round, which means that everyone will get as good as given, not pity.


Goddess Fortuna depicted blindfolded, symbolized the unexpected good fortune.The hidden, secret unknown in advance about who get a chance to enjoy all sorts of good things, unexpected wealth.The blindfold represents the choice of fate, its effect on human life, eludes the man himself, and even the goddess because she is blind.She does not see, who distributes blessings in abundance.It does not divide people into good and bad, rich and poor, it simply by chance, independent of circumstances, endows them with their blessings - material gifts.

Fortuna - it is fate, the essence of which is changeable and unpredictable.Destiny is impossible to predict, it is impossible to see and predict.Life - is a random set of events, circumstances that cause people to make a choice, choosing a certain way and build their own lives.

But is it really the person he is able to change the course of events?Do not anticipated by the fate of his decision well before their adoption to them?Are people just puppets in the maelstrom of life events, invented by higher minds?These rhetorical questions is no answer, and perhaps they never will.

For answers can be found only when the opportunity to learn all the secrets of the spiritual world, the universe, to understand the meaning of life and death.But unfortunately, no one can tell them to the world of the living.After all, living a closed book, which can be read only after death.