Oil cake - what is it?

After the oilseed was pressed oil is some substance - cake.What it is?This product is rich in mineral processing of trace elements and proteins.Oil cake - a valuable additive to animal feeds, one of the components of feed.For pets, such a product is indispensable, because it has a great energy value.Get pomace of sunflower seeds, cedar, canola, soybeans and other plants.

Products of sunflower seeds

Sunflower oil - a very common product in our country.Without it, no cost, no one mistress, many food companies also use this oil in their own production.After pressing, the seed is a certain mass - cake.That is it and what are its beneficial properties?The composition of sunflower meal is quite rich: proteins (40%), fats (10%), fiber.Also, the mass has almost all the same minerals, trace elements, which are part of the seed.Therefore, all these elements make the cake Sunflower extremely beneficial for pets.They have significantly increased the immune system, speeds up metabolism.Such food is great for chickens: they are much better lay eggs.


Another product which can be obtained after the processing of sunflower seeds - meal.In fact, it is almost the same as the cake.However, there are differences.Extracting, ie obtaining oil by certain chemical reactions that affect the composition of processed products.Schroth quite poor on fats, they make up no more than 2% of the total weight.However, the protein content is high - about 43%.Scope meal is the same as the cake.It is the main component of animal feed, especially for young animals.Thanks to him, young well-gaining weight, growing, has a strong immunity.

Products of pine nuts

Cedar oil cake is very rich in vitamins and minerals.Cold pressing ensures that the oil content in the processed products reaches 35%.Useful properties of cake almost the same as that of the pine nuts.In appearance it resembles granola, taste pleasant, sweet, but because of the extraction of oil product obtained dry.The most widely used cedar oil cake in cooking and medicine.You can use it in its pure form, and can be added to baked goods, syrkovoy mass, main dishes.Very often, this cake is introduced into the ice cream, halva, candy, cereal.It gives the dish a delicious flavor of pine nuts, and also improves the taste.

Medicinal properties of pine nuts cake

This product processing has a very useful feature - it is great to adsorb toxins and ensures their effective elimination from the human body.After treatment cake contains only a minor amount of sucrose.Because of these properties, it is widely used for large workloads and recovery after prolonged treatment, nervous disorders, tuberculosis and pneumonia, reducing the protective functions of the body.Besides gynecologists recommend to use this product to enhance lactation.

Useful cedar oil cake and children.Contraindications to its use are practically no.The variant individual intolerances and allergies.It is also important not to exceed the maximum dose as the product is relatively high-calorie and can contribute to weight gain.

Oilcake of soybeans.Applications

After extraction of oil from soybean seeds is also cake.What is it and what is its scope?In terms of biological value of such a product equates to proteins of animal origin.Therefore, it is indispensable in the production of animal feed.By adding this weight in food to the cows significantly increased milk production and milk fat content increases.

cake soya is used for feeding of valuable fish species, exotic animals.Often, it is administered in feed for fur animals.Compared with other types of meal (sunflower, rapeseed), it has the rich composition.The amount of vitamin B also higher than other varieties of food.However, soybean oil cake contains little fiber.

store it (and other varieties) best in a well ventilated area, avoid heat sources and direct sunlight.If you buy a cake, its price will depend on the wholesale or retail Party.In the first case, you can save money, but we should remember that the shelf life is limited.After 3 months significantly deteriorate the nutritional properties of feed.A ton of meal costs about 12-15 thousand. Rubles.


Another culture that is widespread in our latitudes - rape.After his treatment and an oil cake remains.The main field of application - a manufacturer of feed for cows.Less commonly used for addition to foods pigs, chickens.Composition meal is relatively rich: fats, proteins (up to 38%), vitamins, phosphatides.

The only restriction on the use of such feed - the content of sulfur compounds.They can harm the animal, so buy such a product is only approved manufacturer responsible for the quality of its product.Another disadvantage is that the final breakdown product of the protein meal - ammonia.He easily gets into the bloodstream and brings great harm to health of livestock.First of all, ammonia affects the reproductive organs, the mortality embryos miscarriage.Therefore, when administered in the diet of the rapeseed meal is necessary to use ammonia inhibitors.

flax seed oil cake.Useful properties

Len has unique properties, like his cake.What it is?After receiving oil from flax seed is a product that is very good for the digestive system.Mucus linen soothes the mucous membrane of the stomach, relieves inflammation, fiber also helps to eliminate toxins.Also cake contains iron, magnesium, potassium and other minerals.

Like butter, active byproduct comprises alpha-linolenic acid.He is rich in vitamins B, E and folic acid.Widely used for this cake feed the horses.A special feature of this product is the content of lignans.This phenolic compounds which have estrogenic properties.Due lignans can improve life expectancy of the animal.From cake making flour, it is well absorbed by the body.This product is used in the baking of bread in raw food diet recipes, cosmetics (for the preparation of face masks).

bagasse and fishing

cake and widely used for bait fish: carp, crucian carp, plotvy.Osnovnaya the purpose of its use - keeping the fish in a place where there is a catch.On the surface of the water creates a cloud of feed that has a very attractive smell.Add cake and porridge for feeders, and spring-loaded (donk).

You can purchase it in almost every fishing store.Often the molded cake, or as a powder.You can make a bait and independently.For this roasted seeds (thus enhanced flavor) and passed through a meat grinder.Then it can be compressed and well dried in the oven.The drier the cake, the longer it can be stored.However, one should remember that a product attracts and moles.Therefore, keep a lot of the best short and in closed containers or boxes.