How to install security systems cottages

Many owners of dachas protect its suburban property through signaling.In recent years become increasingly popular security system for cottages.In today's electronics market buyer offer many versions of these security systems.One of the most convenient of them is a wireless gsm-alarm.

This system is used where lay the wires to the sensors from the central unit is not possible.Sensors in this security system works by means of batteries, and the signal is transmitted over the air.

Security systems have to give a number of features.Most often, a standard kit includes everything needed to create gsm-alarm.Setup and installation of such a system are characterized by their simplicity.You can connect additional sensors or Radio Receivers.But due to the fact that in the batteries in the sensors do not work in the cold, such security systems are only suitable for installation in rooms where the temperature is maintained higher than minus 5 degrees.

Before installing security systems to testify on the basis of gsm, is, according to the instructions to configure the system, writing in the memory of the central unit numbers.After this procedure - place the unit in a hidden from prying eyes where would be the ability to be powered from a socket with 220 V

Before installing the sensors, it is recommended to test them on the performance, check the passage of the radio signals from them to the control unit.Put

or disarm a system in several ways:

  • via radio control;
  • by a call from a mobile.

when a sensor sends a signal to the central control unit, in turn, includes the siren by sending sms-messages and dozvanivayas the numbers, the previously memorized.Also, if desired, it provided the ability to disable the sensor.For example, going to bed, you can leave only sensors on doors and windows.On the radio control button has immediate alert.

feature that has wireless gsm-alarm:

  • Russified sends sms messages;
  • mode battery life can last up to 3 days when you connect the backup battery;
  • remove or arm the system by sending sms-command, as feasible using the remote control or the radio control;
  • sending notification system using a gsm-signal;
  • if necessary, the opportunity to connect an external microphone;
  • for visual signaling mode is a wired remote lighthouse;
  • to ensure the protection of areas that are inaccessible to the radio, you can connect multiple wired sensors, wiring which is protected by "terminal" resistors;
  • can configure 8 of 9 wireless zones with an unlimited number of sensors and a 24-hour with smoke detectors and gas in a constant mode of protection, regardless of the mode of the alarm;
  • management appliances provides three relays included via sms-messages;
  • function of partial arming and disarming;
  • for notification via messages and phone calls to the memory of the central unit can be made of three rooms;
  • using the online-monitoring sim-card balance can easily keep track of the funds in the account established in the gsm-alarm sim-card.

wireless burglar alarm for giving can be applied not only to the country site, but also for the protection of small spaces.Such systems can be connected not only wireless but also wired sensors.When triggered, the notification is made by sending sms-messages to preprogrammed three mobile numbers.Security systems for cottages offer the ability to create multiple zones, which will determine to what exactly happened violation of the protection regime.