Telephone etiquette and his little secrets

In today's world, we regularly make a huge number of phone calls - for talks on business issues, communicating with relatives, friends and acquaintances.Sometimes, during the day our phone just does not stop.However, few people in our chaotic time, think about how politely and correctly, he organizes his talk on the phone.But phone etiquette - it is as an integral part of the culture, like good manners in real life.

carelessly dropped word or inappropriately inserted the phrase can in an instant to spoil all the previously produced a positive impression on the interlocutor.To avoid gross errors, it is important to watch out for his speech and to respect the basic rules of telephone etiquette .

Let's start with the fact that any discussion of the business nature does not have to be tightened over time.Remember that all of us - people are busy, and no one can waste precious minutes to chat on the phone with someone else during working hours.If the question is too important and serious to solve it quickly, put it to continue the conversation in person.Try not to take away from your partner for more than five minutes.Otherwise it will be ugly on your part.

Etiquette telephone communication also determines the maximum possible waiting on the line.If the subscriber is in no hurry to take up, do not call too long.Count six rings and cut the connection.It does not allow you to seem overly assertive and even a kind of intrusive.

Do not forget the friendly greeting his invisible companion.And instead of the banal "Hello," it would be better to say "Hello!".Be sure to ask with whom an ongoing conversation.If the handset is not picked up whoever you want, you ask whether the desired person the opportunity to speak at this point.In no case do not insist in the case of a negative response.It is better to ask, at what time it's best to transfer the call.

phone etiquette states that in the case of connection failure is obliged to call the party of communication, which was originally an initiative.Therefore, if the conversation is important, first of all, for you, you can not expect that the other person will call back first.

Anything can happen.For example, you mixed up the phone number.What we can do in this situation?That this time we are advised to telephone etiquette?If you realize that obviously were not there, ask forgiveness for concern for human rights and the next time more carefully dial the number.Be sure to ask, whether now do not make a mistake.If your partner is calling you, I realized that a wrong entry, do not utter such phrases as: "Who are you?", "Where to call?" And "What number are typing?".Just politely and tactfully tell a man that according to the number of the desired party there.

If the initiative comes from you call, be sure to think through in advance the script of the upcoming conversation.Telephone etiquette advises to prepare a sample set of phrases and sentences that can say in this case.After the awkward pauses and silences in the tube would be very impolite in relation to the interlocutor.Also put on the safe side not far from him a pen and paper, so that if necessary it would be possible just to record any data, rather than forcing the interlocutor to wait on the line until you search for everything you need.

If you want to keep the phone etiquette, never call a person with work issues at home number.This is considered a top bad taste.Leave him to forget about affairs even in their free time working days.For all working moments are special rooms.Only if the person himself will offer in an emergency call to his home telephone number, you can do so without fear of rude.