Cult of personality.

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Each person is an individual member of society.He can either be poured into the mass and is itself a striking personality that will stand out much from the rest.Typically, such people quickly make their way through any, even the most rigid thorns, surely pave the way to the goal.Aspiration, hardness, integrity, the desire to always and everywhere be the first - these are signs of an emerging leader.Typically, these people can easily find a common language and understanding with the public able to properly submit their beliefs and attitudes, so that others simply can not think otherwise.

Not surprisingly, strong and bright people are often the subject of adoration and worship led by the masses, they are amazing and literally dazzle his oratory.This kind of deification and idealization of the leader is called a "cult of personality".This concept is particularly pronounced in the Soviet Union.The most clear example is the figure of Joseph Stalin, who, despite more than a strict policy of control of public life in the country, was the object of the adoration of the masses.However, not only socialism had signs of empowering a man standing in office, some sverhkachestvami.

Cult of personality of Hitler - is another example of how the energetic leader who can influence the minds of people, it may take a leading position in the country.Moreover, the Fuhrer, who left in the history of the world a large trail of blood, looked up at the great battle of a huge number of soldiers.He literally has infected people with his idea of ​​the superiority of the Aryan race.The soldiers were ready to lay down their heads in battle, to live up to their expectations in Germany.In this case, it was the ideology of the cult of personality that has spread even beyond a single state.He embraced and minds of many rulers who supported Hitler in World War II.

However, it is in these difficult and bloody years, one could observe the present confrontation, which caused a cult of personality.This happened because the ideology of the Soviet soldiers was no less strong.They fearlessly marched under a hail of bullets and died for their country, family and, of course, the great leader.It died with his name are the real heroes of the controversial and serious time.

If a closer look at these two figures on the political horizon, it is possible to identify a number of common characteristics that unite the two rulers had once fought states.They both firmly nipped disobeying the law, which they themselves had imagined.This cult of personality in this case, not only played a positive role.Sometimes people are afraid once again utter the name and surname of his idol, because the punishment and repression pursued by anyone who do not hit the leader.Everyone knows the harsh camp, which killed a lot of people, even after the war.

both Stalin and Hitler had pronounced charisma, making them visible from the rest of the citizens.At the same time, both the governor strictly adhere to one specific objectives to be achieved by any means.A vivid confirmation of this is the German concentration camps.The cult of personality passionate and energetic Fuhrer was able to convince of the need for the physical elimination of all those who belonged to a different race.However, his followers will never be alone or not to such cruelty.However, as it could not be so clear, clear and understandable to formulate social ideology, as did Hitler.

Sometimes the only person able to radically change the course of history.And it does not always in the best direction for people.But from time to time so bright and nontrivial identity public blow their ideas, hopes and faith in something higher.