What is the money, where they came from and what is the cheapest currency in the world?

term "currency" can be seen in the modern world from two perspectives.The first - is the unit with which measured the money of any state.The second - a banknote.

usually uttering a word, it meant money sign.For example, when they say "the Russian currency strengthened."This means that the Russian ruble has become stronger compared to other money, such as the US dollar.

History of

If we talk about where all the money came from the signs, it is worth mentioning that the precondition was the ordinary barter.In simple terms, barter is the exchange of one commodity.Before the advent of the money people simply exchanged wool, food and other material goods.

In the development of trade was growing need for this product, which could be exchanged for anything.In this regard, the operation began to gain popularity on the exchange of goods for precious metals.The trade was used, mainly, silver and gold - the metal, the price of which remained relatively stable.

Since there was some form, the merchants started their own to catch the gold and silver in the form of ingots, at which point the weight, as well as a sample of the metal.Because of the large number of frauds such functions gradually started to perform public authorities.

Banknotes in ancient China

Scientists believe that the first forms of paper currency were used in Ancient China.In Europe, such a currency began to appear in the form of receipts for the adoption or the storage of goods and precious metals.

first step towards the mass production of paper currency did French Finance Minister John Law, who at the beginning of the XVIII century to increase the wealth of the country decided to print banknotes, not confirmed gold resources.His idea failed.

It happened due to the fact that the amount of paper money must be confirmed gold reserves and the amount of goods in the country.

Although this opinion today is twofold.Since the days of the First and Second World Wars, the country decided not to become attached to gold and the US dollar, which was fully covered by gold reserves and providing cash turnover of all foreign exchange transactions in the world.

But in 1964, when the number of dollar currency signs, produced in the United States, reached the amount of gold and foreign exchange reserves of the country, such a system for ensuring the currency failed.

To date, none of the world currency is not tied to gold reserves.The level and rate them shall be exclusively governed by supply and demand in the foreign exchange markets.

The cheapest currency in the world

world is so vast and huge that banknotes spread out in it in abundance.Everyone is familiar with US dollars, euros, rubles.But there are currencies that are less common, and demand for them is much less.

For example, the cheapest currency in the world - it is the Vietnamese dong.You will not believe, but if you compare it with the ruble, is one such currency at a cost cheaper than the Russian one penny (the ratio of the ruble about 0.0016 rub. Per dong).

Talking about what the cheapest currency in the world, not to mention about the Iranian real.His relation to the ruble is approximately equal to 0.003 rubles.one real.This low cost cause endless conflicts and sanctions of Western countries.However, the Iranian authorities are not frustrated, as the main means of calculation is not real, and oil reserves that the country is enough for many more years.

Like Iran is real, we can say that the cheapest currency in the world is the domra.Most likely, about it, and you have not heard.The currency used in the Republic of Sao Tome and Principe.Course the ruble is about the same as that of the real.

relationship in the currency markets

All currencies of the world are interconnected.There are a sufficient number of international currency exchanges, on which there is buying and selling of currency units of different countries.Timely and correct prediction of exchange rate allows financial institutions to make such operations.

Trading on such exchanges is not an easy task.You must always be aware of the global news and understand the factors that affect the value of banknotes.To make a forecast exchange rates, you must have the knowledge about how a course which had a possible corridor, and the likely reasons for his change.In addition, you must possess a certain degree of luck, as there are sharp or sudden collapses strengthening courses.

What is the currency in Belarus?

In the early 1990s, after the failure of the country from the Soviet currency, there was the Belarusian ruble.Government policy was aimed at maintaining the full course.Thus, in 2004-2008 totally changed the ruble against other currencies.This was achieved by various mechanisms.

noteworthy that the currency in Belarus has a wide variety of denominations of banknotes, even 200 thousand. Rubles.