Life values

For each of us the values ​​of life are a fundamental landmark in the various activities.They contribute to personal growth, the creation of a comfortable life, the formation of creative thinking, etc.All of these benefits are achieved thanks to a man they constructed a hierarchy of values, which determines that the priority is in the first place.It is a measure of human happiness.

Some are tied for first place the family, others do not think of their welfare without careers, others give preference to personal interests and hobbies.Some representatives of humanity, renouncing wealth, see their happiness only in the spiritual cultivation.In general, the values ​​of life - it is the goals and priorities that are driving human life, determine its essence.Selecting fundamental benchmarks carried out by people, depending on the level of development of their consciousness.However, the values, spiritual or material, should not be extreme, as it will inevitably lead to excessive zamaterializovannosti or, conv

ersely, illusory.It is therefore important to strike a balance in the system of priorities in life.

there are universal human values ​​of life that are equally important for all people.Each era sets its own system for the individual priorities.In modern society, the values ​​of true health, family, work and education.Implementation of priority significance to people is very important for its recognition and affirmation.

Since forming in the family, the values ​​of life in the future define the way of life of people and their world.After analyzing them, we can determine the wealth or poverty of man's inner world, the diversity of his interests and personality.In the formation of attitudes of the person plays a significant role his inner circle (friends, family), religious beliefs, and national and social traditions.

basic human values ​​of life can be divided into several groups:

  • family.Assumes long-term relationships (with parents, children, marriage partners, family and friends), which are seen as valuable.Due to improvement of the human couple, his personal growth occurs more efficiently.A warm relationship with family allows you to experience the fullness of happiness.
  • career.Involves targeted action aimed at achieving a certain social status, thanks to which the person in front of new opportunities and spheres of influence.
  • favorite thing.It promotes the disclosure of man's inner world.When reasonably constructed hierarchy of life goals, favorite activity, a hobby, and many other interests will help strengthen state mental harmony and happiness.
  • money, comfort.An ordered life is seen as a value that requires a certain financial outlay.
  • Education.Improving professional skills contributes to personal development and represents a certain value.Through the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills possible quality and competent performance of work, career growth.
  • Health and beauty.Values ​​of the body (figure trim, muscled, well-groomed skin) are considered as an important component of a healthy lifestyle that requires regular employment.
  • personal growth.It includes specific social and psychological skills that contribute to the formation of the maturity of views, the attention to the people around, the manifestation of wisdom, knowledge of their feelings and emotions.

Thus, the values ​​of life - a way of self-affirmation, which regulates its behavior.