The classification of social groups

social group is an association of people on any significant social grounds.Members of such associations may engage in common activities have a certain structure of relations, or be in the same conditions.Members of the group, anyway, are aware of their involvement in the education.

study of social groups involved in sociology and social psychology.

classification of social groups is very diverse.First of all, distinguish between small, large and medium-sized groups.

large group - this is the social strata, ethnic communities, age groups and so on.

As part of the study examined the average teams working at the enterprises, the inhabitants of one city or area.

to small groups may include family, friends, etc.The hallmark is the presence of such contacts and interpersonal or emotional relationships of the participants with each other.Much of the research in social psychology is devoted to small groups.

classification of social groups can be based on different grounds.

example, isolated primary and secondary small groups.Primary characterized by the presence of direct contacts between the parties.In the secondary the same for use special connection means, for example, various kinds of messages.Members of the secondary group are more separated from each other.

also a classification of social groups based on how clearly defined the status of each member association.Based on this, small groups divided into formal and informal.For the first type is characterized by a fixed system roles.The form of leadership and submission is also a strictly fixed character.Informal groups are formed spontaneously, sometimes they can occur in formal organizations.If there is an informal group within the overall activity, it may be sufficient and clear structure.

Another classification of social groups based on the fact whether a person is involved in a group that standards are important to him.From this point of view into two categories.

Group membership is the union, which includes people, which it is party.Reference

social group is for the individual a certain standard, a source of social norms and values, however, it is not always a member.

From this point of view, reference can be divided into groups and groups present common.

ideal group can be both real and fictional.The main thing is that the person does not take part in it, and adopted a system of values ​​is especially attractive for him.

Reference groups also are divided into positive and negative.

If a positive value system individual group fully shares and supports the standards adopted in the negative, are perceived negatively.At the same values ​​and that, and the other group has a significant influence on the person.

In order to illustrate the mechanism of the effect of group opinion on the mind, give examples of social groups, values ​​which are perceived positively.

So, for a teenager positive reference group may be the company of senior whose opinion is important to him.He seeks to imitate them, wearing the same clothes, listen to music you like these high school students.

also for the young man reference group, individuals may be related to very different associations.For example, a father, a hero of the film and trainer.

In this case, each of them possesses certain traits that are valued teenager.This may be courage, audacity and independence.

classification of social groups allows you to explore the mechanisms of action of norms of human society, so you can find out the causes and patterns of human behavior.The resulting information can be used in many different areas, for example, to clarify the mechanisms of formation of addictive behavior, and to establish patterns of human interaction in groups.