The most common mental illnesses of employees

Psychologists have identified the most common mental illnesses, which can be obtained on the job.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

symptoms. need for privacy, a feeling of depression and despair, groundless fatigue, sleep disorder, apathy, loss of memory and muscle weakness.
reasons. Most experts tend to see the source of constant stress in CFS.At risk are mainly office workers, as a sedentary lifestyle - one of the main factors causing the occurrence of CFS."Chronic fatigue syndrome often occurs in people who panic afraid of losing their jobs and do not know how to relax, - says Nadezhda Kuzmina, counselor Center" Navigator ". - These people mistakenly believe that if you work for wear, they appreciate someway, but it is not so ».
case. « After one year ordinary bank employees, I began to feel fatigue, though I would not say that I greatly reworked. I felt as if I was daily tormented grueling physical exercise,- says financier Sergei Protasov. - At some point I decided that I should spend more time sleeping, and began to sleep 10-11 hours a day. Fatigue has only worsened. I came back to normal only during the summer holidays, when friends by forcedragged me to a campaign. I thought that helped forest air, but it turns out the whole thing in motion ».

most susceptible : Office workers.

This is the most common mental illness that affects 10% of the population inolder than 40 years.Of these, 2/3 - by women.In many cases, a person suffering from depression begins to abuse alcohol and other mind-altering drugs, leaves the head job.
symptoms. constantly in a bad mood, loss of the ability to experience joy, confusion, lethargy, sleep and thinking, change in weight.
Myths. have a wide range of people, as a rule, a false picture of depression.Many people tend to refer to a long depression in a bad mood or feelings associated with the loss or failure.This is actually a clinical disease, and the diagnosis can only be a doctor, to cure yourself of it impossible.
also widely believed that depression - a disease of creative people.History knows many examples of really depressed creators, ranging from Mozart and Van Gogh and ending with Kurt Cobain.In fact, depression is not a privilege of Bohemia, as evidenced by research scientists.
most susceptible : Doctors, nurses, food service workers.

This specific kind of professional deformation of the persons working in close emotional contact with customers."Burnout is often seen in people working in the same place for more than 10 years: they are overtaken by apathy, understanding that in the profession they said and done all that is possible", - says Nadezhda Kuzmina.
Symptoms .Tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, negative attitude towards clients and the work itself, the impoverishment of the working repertoire of action, lack of appetite or overeating, aggression manifests itself in irritability, tension, rage, anxiety, anger;decadent mood, feelings of hopelessness, apathy, cynicism, a sense of guilt.
reasons .Problems at work.Potential victims of burnout syndrome are employees who have the line of duty and to communicate with people whose work requires emotional involvement.Aside from the tedious daily communications could trigger the disease, and the monotony of routine, feeling undervalued by management and the overall stress.
most susceptible : doctors, managers work with clients, psychologists and educators.

nervous breakdown
This defensive reaction to prolonged stress.The most common cause of occupational nervous breakdown is the constant time pressure at work, so at risk are primarily those employees whose work is focused on results and is linked to numerous deadlines.
Symptoms .Chronic fatigue, acute headaches, insomnia, mood swings, cardiac disorders, and disorders of the autonomic system.
reasons .Nervous breakdown exposed employees who work in the mode of ongoing stress.Such workers for several years did not go on vacation and work round the clock.In the end, the body consumes all forces."Nervous breakdown prone young employees: older people have learned to look at a lot of things easier, but young workers are still all take seriously," - explains Nadezhda Kuzmina.
most susceptible : consultants, project managers, and journalists.

It is a mental disorder, which manifests itself in irritability, fatigue, loss of the ability to long-term mental and physical stress.This disease is typical for ambitious people.
Symptoms .Irritability and irritability combined with fatigue and rapid exhaustion.Frequent but brief flashes of excitability.Painful intolerance to loud sounds, noise, bright lights, strong smells.The inability to control the symptoms of their emotions.Attention deficit disorder, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, headaches, heart palpitations, sexual dysfunction.Workers suffering from neurasthenia, hysteria can arrange, tearing terms join unreasonable conflicts with superiors and colleagues, is inadequate to behave in the negotiations, to rush into laughter or tears at meetings.Patients unable to tolerate any criticism.
reasons .Improper distribution of forces in the difficult task.Because of this discrepancy, and the actual and the desired developing neurotic conflict.
most susceptible : Top managers, directors.

Hysteria Hysteria - a form of neurosis, which is a consequence of neuropsychiatric surge and conflict.
Symptoms .Striving to be the subject of attention of colleagues and superiors, the demonstration of emotion, mood instability, disorders of sensation, coordination.In severe cases - seizures, which are accompanied by cries, tears, screams imitation animal verbal diarrhea, ecstasy moaning.Patients can tear your hair, clothing, and the audiences they need.
reasons .Physical stress, injuries, professional dissatisfaction.Studies have shown that people who do not have neurotic character traits, under the influence of excessive mental pressure having neurotic disorder.In women, the disease is much more common than in men, with women such deviations are forgiven, but the men are inclined to immediately rank as crazy.Psychologists believe that the hysteria suffered Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.
case ."In my work there is a lady - says Larissa Cashier Shirokov.- She likes to arrange a presentation.Often he tells himself stories.Any remark makes her tears.I do not know why it is so: maybe personal life did not work, maybe it took too long to notice.Recently, I learned that it is registered in the hospital with a diagnosis of "hysteria."
most susceptible : The people of creative professions and women.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD
If the patient has obsessive, disturbing or frightening thoughts.
Symptoms .Constantly repeating irrational action: the patient may constantly check email once a strict three minutes, ten times to recheck the figures in the report, or wash your hands after every handshake or contact with the handset.
reasons .Most often suffer from this disease are people who require constant or high concentration associated with an increased level of responsibility.Susceptible to this disease, many lawyers, accountants and engineers, because these professions require attention to detail, as well as transport drivers, who have to constantly watch the road.The cause of OCD can be a stressful situation.
case ."I was supposed to be the deputy director - a goal I set myself, as soon joined the company - says accountant Anna Seliverstov.- I spent seven years at the firm, worked as hard.Two years ago, I was pregnant, but she decided to have an abortion, because she could not afford at least for some time "out of the game." Because of this, we are divorced. It's a new direction, and I was offered voluntary redundancy.I was crushed. I was depressed, I refused to look for a new job. "Then Anna was even worse - there was a continuing feeling of disgust from each subject. She is afraid to touch the street clothes of their guests. If they wear touches her home form, Anna hereas it takes and sends to the laundry. "I myself climb into the shower when touched someone else's clothes. My hair because very afraid to pick up any bacteria or germs - recognized the girl. - If I do not, Ifeel bad, I'm shaking, I feel irritated and insecure ».
most susceptible : lawyers, accountants, engineers, drivers.

panic attack is an attack of intense fear accompanied by a feeling of physical discomfort and a sharp increase in pressure.Typically, repeated many times.
Symptoms .Palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, pain in the left side of the chest, nausea, dizziness, numbness and tingling sensation in the hands and feet and inexplicable feeling of fear, including work-related.
case ."I headed the department two years ago - says the PR-manager Arthur Manila.- Worked in a constant state of stress: no one of his subordinates could not cope with the job, and I had to work for ten.Twice I took away "fast" - jumps pressure. After the second attack, lay down on the examination. The therapist has diagnosed - "panic attack".This is as a result of strong emotion for 10 minutes, the pressure jumps to 170 to 120, and pulse - up to 130 ".
most susceptible : Artists, PR managers, financiers.

Postdissertatsionny syndrome
The disease, which occurs in academics and heads of projects after completion and successful defense of a great and responsible work.
Symptoms .Anxiety because of lack of work, a feeling of emptiness around, striving to make a non-existent job, fear of new difficulties, physical illness, inability to relax.
reasons .The disorder develops in the case at the end of a long hard work of man relaxes and takes a long timeout.This disease is also sometimes called the "syndrome of Martin Eden," by analogy with the hero of Jack London, who achieved success in every way, but instead of the long-awaited happiness experienced strong disappointment that eventually led to suicide.
most exposed: Scientists, heads of departments and economists.

Abul Abul - a pathological lack of will: the person is aware of the need to act, but can not make it.
Symptoms .Lethargy, lack of desire to do anything, the inability to plan, carry out the work on time, to defend the ideas in meetings and make decisions.
reasons .Abul may be due to mental illness, such as, for example, depression or schizophrenia.Failures in the work overload of stress, physical stress, a series of major professional failures can also cause this syndrome.It Abul ill Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, the protagonist of the novel Goncharov.He was not very strong nerves and a healthy state of mind.He did not want to work, and he was afraid of any responsibility as intolerable physical sufferings.
most susceptible : The staff, personal assistants, mid-level managers.

Instead of conclusion
to start any serious mental illness, be it neurasthenia, or OCD, it is enough the slightest stress.Each individual processes take place, so to speak, that it will push for the revitalization of the disease, it is impossible.To do this, of course, it has been necessary to prepare the ground.If a person has a tendency to excessive anxiety and numerous fears, he must try to understand them, or once "accumulated baggage" will result in disease. The main advice may sound like this: do not turn your life into an endless job, do not go in one sphere to the head.Forgetting to switch to other activities once you encounter serious difficulties.

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