Lombardy poplar in gardening settlements

majority of Russian cities not too happy eyes of its inhabitants because of the virtual absence of their streets full of gardening.But not so long ago for this purpose has been widely used Lombardy poplar.Because of unpretentiousness and instant growth of poplars, you can create an entire mall without spending a lot of time.

Unfortunately, lately poplar in disgrace.They ganged up doctors, as during the last flowering of these trees produce a huge amount of fluff, which not only contributes to allergies, but is potentially dangerous in terms of possible fires.However, experts on gardening of settlements in one voice say that the creation of a favorable environment for living in our big cities most suitable wood - poplar.

And this fact was known to the ancient Greeks, who planted poplars in their insurance policy, creating a picturesque alley, in the shade of which the ancient sages have committed more than one his great discovery.But the fact that it was already known that landscaping should be used only male specimens of plants, because they do not known for his pesky fuzz.Generally, poplar - wood multi-faceted, and botany to this day do not stop investigations of all its properties.

However, in Soviet times, when the plan was adopted by the mass planting of trees in the city, have been used by mistake (for the most part) is female specimens, which led to all the known negative consequences.The exceptions are only just some of the southern cities, where Lombardy poplar represented by both sexes.

What advantages has this culture?First of all, these trees are valuable because of its phenomenal resistance to dust and gas contamination of air in our cities is found everywhere.In addition, they can be successfully cultivated on almost any soil, where there are such amazing rapidity, what other trees for our latitude is not seen.The growth rate of poplar is that just a few months, you can create a full protective plantations.

Among other things, Lombardy poplar is characterized in that the volatile into the air, which not only kill pathogens but also contribute to improving air quality in general, which is very important for the cities.A special feature is the poplars and their biodiversity: today there are more than 100 species, but because of the light of interspecific hybridization, many scientists believe that they have a lot more.Such hybrids are growing even faster parental species (heterosis effect).In addition, they are better tolerate pruning and extremely quickly restore his crown shape.

Thus, Lombardy poplar - tree, which is ideal for landscaping.If you take into account his nettle and select plants with this in mind, it is not difficult to get rid of poplar down on the streets.