Opera - one of the most known and used browser in the world

Very simple and user-friendly menu interface.The creators of the Opera embodied the dream of opportunity for all computer users, residing on the Internet for a debt of work, or those who love to travel across the expanses of the Internet.
new ability to group tabs, very suitable for people to simultaneously open dozens of windows.Now, they can be divided into categories and to open several tabs in a single window.

menu simplified and shortened, so you can view the site in full screen mode.Opera does not littered in the left corner is not cumbersome menu, which, if desired, you can expand or collapse.There are all the necessary items for the Internet.

first button in the menu tab is no longer necessary to get into root menu and wrestle with how to make a bookmark.You need only click on the plus in the list of bookmarks and Opera keep it.
Just about bookmarks Opera restore all your bookmarks, you have had a different browser to establish the Opera, which is also very convenient.
Panel widgets - the developers give us the opportunity to use widgets on the official Opera website for free, a trifle, but all the same nice.

Downloads - here reflects all your download is very convenient, if you forget where you saved a particular file, for its detection, press the line of the file and the system will open the folder in which the file was downloaded.
history - the history of visiting internet sites, Opera makes the action on the same site as a separate category for convenience.
Opera has a quick start-up programs need to place websites that you use most in a separate window menu, which initially started when the program starts.Just
Opera protected from people walking on the network viruses.It will warn you when you try to go to the suspect pages and ask your permission.As well as tracks worms and suspicious files at boot time, not quite sure, but it's better than nothing

Another very interesting feature is present in Opera 11 - is opening and closing pages at random mouse movements.In order to open a new tab, for example you have to press the right mouse button and drop the mouse down.Just
Opera warn you when I got a newer version of the program and prompts you to install it.