The answer to the question about why the grass is green

often happens that the simplest things require a complex explanation.Children's question about why the grass is green puts many adults, if not a dead end, in a very difficult position.Despite the fact that the topic of the field school program, not everyone will be able to recall words such as photosynthesis and chlorophyll, not to mention the processes that are associated with them.

answer to the question about why the grass is green, lies in the science.The first step is to understand the formation of light perception in humans.Shades which our eyes see, do not depend on colors, but on reflection it under direct sunlight.This explanation is closely related to one of the main possible answers.In the grass contains a special substance - chlorophyll, which translated from Greek means "green leaf."Chlorophyll absorbs the entire range of hues, but one.It is not difficult to guess that this is the color of summer lawns.

There is a second answer to the question about why the grass is green.That he often voiced in school textbooks and is closest to the truth.At its heart lies besides the chlorophyll content in the grass.Such a substance, not only stipulates the use of carbon dioxide and the production of much-needed oxygen for human life, but also a special pigment responsible for the green grass.Scientists have shown that the components of chlorophyll actually green.Their color is associated with magnesium, which is responsible for the creation of a natural shade.The plant contains many other color pigments, albeit in much smaller numbers.Thanks to them the green grass can sometimes take a variety of shades.

use chlorophyll in domestic matters of science today still can not do.Its components can not be stored and almost immediately changed his pleasant tone on unsightly muddy color.True, there are many artificial colors based on this useful natural material.

Thus, chlorophyll not only brings beauty in the world around us and helps us to answer the classic question about why the grass is green, but it is also a very important component.Its main purpose is to develop a much-needed oxygen - the basis for the life of all mankind.

This process is called photosynthesis and is carried out absolutely all members of the flora on the planet Earth.Briefly describe the main stages of it, we get the following picture: the absorption of carbon dioxide under the influence of chemical reaction decomposes, it is transferred to the electrons from the hydrogen and water, resulting in the formation of carbohydrates and carried oxygen evolution.

In addition, the process of photosynthesis in the grass and foliage formed a lot of useful nutrients such as sugar, starch, protein.

The grass is greener, the more chlorophyll in it, and therefore above the benefits that it can bring to the planet.