How to choose a hospital when it should be done, what criteria to use in choosing the

Choosing the hospital is now a very important issue in the prenatal preparation.Especially since no one obliges to give birth exclusively at his residence: having an insurance policy, you are free to choose the maternity hospital that you will like.

When you need to finalize the choice?

Despite the existence of different methods (eg, ultrasound, CTG, a lot of laboratory tests) are carried out during pregnancy, even the most normal pregnancy does not give 100% guarantees that deliveries will be easy, normal in length and without complications.If pregnancy occurs with have any problems?One conclusion: the hospital where you give birth, you select in advance, but not at the very beginning of pregnancy, even when it is not clear how it will take place, and for a month or two before the expected birth.

What are the criteria and how to choose a maternity hospital?

1. In the first place it is important to make choices based on their own health and how pregnancy occurs.Any hospital that specialize in some chronic pathologies or features for 9-month period of a woman's life.

So, there are maternity hospitals, which can be given a specialized cardiac care (for example, for women with cardiac arrhythmias or those who suffer from hypertension).There is the hospital where the childbirth and the postpartum period are jointly obstetrician and endocrinologist (for women with thyroid disease, diabetes, and so on).There is also a hospital where there are all necessary to provide for the care of the child if it is born prematurely (if there is such a possibility you personally).

2. The second criterion, how to choose a hospital based on the possibility of a contract with a particular doctor.This is an optional premium service that you are familiar with a particular obstetrician, he gets a picture of your situation, you are jointly discuss the presence or absence of indications for cesarean section, epidural anesthesia and so on.The doctor gives you a phone number, and not only can you call it when you start the fight, but also to receive additional consultation before and after childbirth.

3. The following criterion how to choose a hospital, relies on the presence of various equipment and high-class specialists who speak it perfectly.You must first become familiar with what is in the department of the hospital, many doctors and some skill work, whether there is a pediatric intensive care unit, whether there is a neonatologist at delivery and resuscitation.Reviews have already given birth to help women decide which hospital to choose.

4. Next, look at the convenience of the location of obstetric hospital relative to your home.This is an important criterion for large cities.

5. It is important to know as it is possible to affiliate birth, there is a possibility of vertical childbirth or giving birth in the water (if you want to give birth this way, and for this there are no contraindications), whether it is possible to walk during labor (not every hospital is practiced).

6. The next item tips to choose the hospital: the existence of separate chambers, their convenience, availability shower, microwave oven, there is a possibility to be in the House with her husband or mother.

How to choose a hospital in Moscow, taking into account all these criteria?Fortunately, the Moscow hospital, and those big hospitals, which have maternity wards, almost all have their own websites.Also on these pages puerperas discharged home leave positive or negative feedback, which may well help in the selection.