How to bring up children (tips billionaire)

Dmitry Ananiev have four children - more children in the "Golden hundreds" all at seven.Ananiev told Forbes about how he builds relationships in his family.

Do not initially visible in the children business successors. few who can successfully pass their children competence to manage large farms.Based on the history and practice of business, the second generation still somehow cope with the tasks of management, and then there are problems ... In my opinion, it is better to give children the opportunity to motivate them to study well and as fully as possible to reveal their abilities.If one of my children expressed a desire to do business - great if some of them want to be a geologist or a doctor - I'll be happy, too.

his regalia is necessary to leave the threshold of the house. In my opinion, it is important that your family is not perceived as a great leader - otherwise homely atmosphere will not differ greatly from the office life.For me it is important that, in spite of everything, a family dominated by natural and desired state of love and trust.However, to achieve it is not easy to hold and ...

My children are studying in regular schools - is not closed, is not preferred.And they have common friends.For my wife and me is fundamental.Affect the environment of children, of course, necessary, but in moderation.They should be ready for such a life for what it really is.

Children need to know what is hard work, the present production. few years ago I was visiting Igor Yesipovsky - he then led AvtoVAZ - and watched how the conveyor belt in a factory.For me, this process made a strong impression, even though I've seen a lot of different industries.I think anyone is useful for the overall development familiarize yourself with the structure of the actual production.And children in particular.After that, any complaints and lamentations on the complexity of the work in the office seem inappropriate.

Gifts does not have to be associated with excellent grades. financial reward, of course, an important component of motivation, but, fortunately, it is not always dominated by adults, let alone children.We are a family of five children encourage respect and praise, occasionally something tangible.And while learning all excellent.Study - a sensible attitude to his future contribution to yourself and encourage him some money and shopping shortsighted and harmful.

I try to keep a healthy balance between meeting requests and failure. It all depends on my understanding of the usefulness of what children ask for.To be able to deny does not mean to be hard.Just have to teach children to live with the understanding that in any given situation is useful and what is not.

Pocket money should be given, but at a minimum. Our family so happened that neither himself nor children, nor anyone else, we are not trying to impress the luxury of life, some exclusive acquisitions.But children sometimes still ball.We try to do it for a reason, and birthdays.

Condition - very conditional thing. From prison and from scrip do not promise - many have experienced the truthfulness of this folk wisdom.It seems to be unshakable position and status can easily fall apart in a matter of moments.For example, there will be some market events that even with the conservative approach to business can all flip.The so-called race for the capital makes no sense, and ultimately does not benefit either the head of the family, nor his children.Prior to his children I try to convey that the main thing - not something in his pocket, and that the head and the heart.And it's important to try to grow worthy and decent people.

Do not rush to evaluation, good if you have children grow. wait until they are 20-25 years, when finally formed their character.Then it will be clear what is expected of them and where you nedodali.If you see a gap between their expectations and reality, do not blame everything on bad character.Children inherit our strengths and weaknesses.As psychologists say, we often do not particularly like them exactly what we have in ourselves, but in itself does not recognize.

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