Fruit tree - disease prevention

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before taking planting and growing a garden, it is necessary to examine a large number of reference materials.They will learn the characteristics of growth and development, as well as diseases of fruit trees.They are there a large number, and type of pathogens, they are:

  • fungal;
  • bacterial;
  • virus.

order not to run into one of them at the initial stage of growth, it is necessary to carefully choose nursery, where to buy the seedlings of fruit trees.They stand today is quite expensive, and the treatment of sick tree will cost you a round sum, so check it carefully.Amazed may be any parts: leaves, roots, branches.This means that any deviation from the ideal state should arouse suspicion.To know what to look for, look at some of the diseases.

Downy Mildew

This is one of the most common problems encountered in sharp differences of daytime and nighttime temperatures.It is expressed in the appearance of spots on the upper side of leaves.They can be from very light to yellow-brown.On the downside, thus appears grayish mold.Unless urgent action is taken, the young shoots will take ugly forms, which will weaken the fruit tree and lead to delays in development and growth.

This disease refers to a type of fungus.Malicious spores overwinter on plant debris and under favorable conditions for them are beginning to develop intensively.Combat them should be carried out in a timely manner, otherwise the disease will spread to all the plants.

noticed signs of the appearance of mold on the leaves, it is necessary to remove the affected shoots (ideally it is better to burn).In no case should not put them in the compost.Fruit trees, on which they were found, are treated with special chemicals.You can call the following: "Topaz," "Beyleton", "Topsin-M."

Spraying is necessary to at least twice, with an interval of 12-14 days.However, treatment chemicals destroys many beneficial insects, and reflects badly on the person.So, it is better to try to prevent the emergence of diseases.To do this, remove fallen leaves and the remains of grass in the fall, loose soil in the spring and avoid the high content of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil.And then the fruit tree will please you clean and healthy fruit.


This disease also refers to fungal and dangerous for stone fruit - cherries.

first sign of defeat - the appearance of small red spots that gradually grow in size.At the bottom of the paper they have a whitish-pink bloom - this is conidiospores, with them comes the spread of disease.With intensive development kokkomikoza fruit tree drops leaves prematurely.This causes it to weaken.As a result, it can be affected by even minor frosts in winter.To combat the pathology is necessary to spray the following medications: "Ftalan", "Zineb", copper oxychloride.

first treatment is carried out during leafing, subsequent - in two weeks.It is also recommended to spray after harvesting.And, of course, do not forget about preventive measures in the autumn.Then your garden grow healthy and will delight you with stable yields.