How to stop the blood from the finger after the date of the analysis

in the blood enters the cytoplasm and forming elements - cells and blood plates.Red blood cells (red blood cells, shown in the figure) is home to approximately three months.Every second, 10 million of them die, and the same is formed.White blood cells (white blood cells) live from one to semi- weeks.Platelets - platelets live just 4 days.

our blood "stationĀ»

a healthy person, the composition of its blood is always constant and sufficient number of blood cells.And all this because of blood "stations" of the body - bone marrow, liver, spleen and lymph nodes.At a time when red blood cells die - they are destroyed.And only thanks to blood "stations", "wreckage" of red blood cells do not drift freely in our body.Some of them are destroyed by our liver is completely eliminated from the body, and some returned to the bone marrow for the "assembly" of new red blood cells.Platelets and white blood cells are destroyed spleen.

How is the collection of blood from a finger

So the doctor has appointed you to the analysis of blood from a finger.First you need to observe some rules.First, give up blood from a finger on an empty stomach.Secondly, between the last meal and blood sampling must be not less than eight hours.Third, to donate blood for analysis excluded any physical activity and other studies.All this is necessary in order not to change the formula of blood, otherwise there is a risk of distortion of the analysis result.Blood is taken from the pad of the ring finger.Better if it will be the left thumb, as there is much more small blood vessels.In many clinics blood test result is handed to the patient.Each sheet contains the norm, so you can compare your own numbers.If something is out of the norm - see your doctor for an explanation.

How to stop the blood from a finger after its intake

Usually after blood collection doctor puts a finger pad of cotton wool soaked in alcohol to stop the bleeding from the wound.But not always get to do it with just one fleece.How to stop the blood from a finger, if for some reason it continues persistently to go?There are several ways.Lock arm in a vertical position, take the bandage or, for example, sterile gauze bandage and gently finger is not too loosely wound.Of course, for convenience, it would be better to ask someone else to do it.If there is no one but themselves to do it you can not, then there is another - the age-old way to stop the blood from a finger.This band-aid.Probably do not need to tell you how to use it.When the blood stops, disinfect the place where it is caked.For this purpose suitable alcohol, H2O2, iodine, brilliant green.Take the time to do it, but then you never know what you can bring into the wound, while experimenting with a stop bleeding!

By the way, the easiest and most common way to stop the blood from a finger - to try to exert as little as possible "victims" hand.This applies not only to stop the bleeding after the testing on the blood but also situations when a minor cut finger, for example, a knife.If you notice that your finger is swollen, then immediately contact your doctor, as there is the risk of contracting any infection.The main thing in this case - not to delay, because delay could cost you in the best case a finger!