The most original ways of earning

British researchers have compiled a list of the most original ways to make money.Among the prudish British list immediately became extremely popular.What is so interested in them?

The oldest method for 50 years.In 1960 in Chicago at the station adorned machines in the form of figures of men and women.But it was not a "one-armed bandits" and their purpose was entirely different, but also commercial.In automatic lowered the coin, they reached out his hand and said: "Hello, my friend! Have a nice trip!"Single passengers are willing to use the services of automatic friends and even made an appeal to manufacturers to make their more human and they could not just shake hands, hug and goodbye.

But the German example.Deciding to do a small business, Robert Sweat, a long years led the company for garbage collection in the city of Wuppertal (Germany), created Museum, which for a small fee you can get acquainted with the "rubbish".Exposition called "Treasures from the trash."Among the exhibits, collected directly from landfills, turned out to be valuable medieval manuscripts, unique paintings, antique clocks and other unusual valuable antiques.This museum in our time is marked as one of the most actively visited and original.And his owner rich.

In turn, the New Yorker Elias Ferguson also made a fortune in the trash.He has accumulated 100 000 rare old newspapers, which he collected.But once he found himself without a roof over their heads.Valuable collection failed to sell.Then his mind came the idea glue the paper and build yourself a hut - the good time, it was summer and dry.Before paper became home to stay curious, and once arrived bus with tourists.Then Ferguson posted a big announcement "Travel object. House of newspapers early XX century. Inspection - one dollar."Everything went smoothly - there were many tourists, but the "builder" all the time glancing at the sky, would not have gone instead of dollars rain real rain.And then he did tent of transparent film, and business went on successfully.Now Ferguson Elias many houses, expensive and beautiful.

But the British psychologist Roger Gray has done business in tears.He said aloud: the life of men is shorter than women for the simple reason - men repress their feelings in myself and do not cry as often as women.Caring for life expectancy the stronger sex, Gray founded the special fee-paying courses, which teaches men cry.

Finally on the enterprising archaeologists from Cairo.They found clay tablets relating to the IV century BC, which describes very rare cream recipe, which allegedly used the noble women of ancient Egypt.Archaeologists did not panic and run cream into production.The success exceeded all expectations.

About the Chinese way to make the British do not mentioned, but he also deserves a separate line in the hit parade.In the Chinese city of Nanjiang opened a pub that gets the townspeople called "bar broken hearts."This institution created specifically for those who are experiencing separation from a loved one.In this pub you can cry, no one embarrassment.Helpfully laid on the tables and handkerchiefs are placed vesicles with soothing drops.In addition, in the pub are special dolls, depicting men and women, so that the client can beat them and even so to compensate for the bitterness of the loss of a loved one or beloved.

Stay in an institution requires an hourly fee.Every hour of depression experienced in nantszyanskom "bar broken hearts," the client is about $ 5 over the amount of the order.Nevertheless, the business idea has a great Chinese managers success with the public.Every day in the bar no end of visitors wishing to drink cry and plenty among his own kind.

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