Financial assistance for child birth .The benefit for the second child .Benefits at birth in Moscow

almost all countries of the world have long been developed and implemented a program for the issue of the parent capital, which provides for the payment of certain funds for young mothers.Such assistance is provided within the prescribed period, and to achieve a small citizen of a certain age.In order to stimulate the birth rate in Russia has also allocated financial aid for child birth.Such compensation payments are made only after the parents provide a document of the birth of the baby, and she grant, in principle, can be made out to any family member, usually is the one who will care for the child.

child benefits

Firstly, to increase the birth rate was introduced a tool such as a variety of social benefits.For example, financial assistance for child birth is fixed in the Tax Code.This legal act specifies that the birth parents may not be paid for more than 50 000 thousand, and all the payments are exempt from personal income tax.At the same time, many employers are clever realized that this provision gives the right to save and what to enjoy.Nevertheless, despite these limitations, many companies still strive to keep young mothers.

Who is eligible for benefits?

Financial assistance for child birth may be paid to one of the parents, guardians, other relatives and other persons, which replace the parents by law.Eligibility for child support is only one person who will be in maternity leave and care for the child.Provided such benefits at work of such persons.To receive compensation, it is necessary to provide the accounts department of the enterprise relevant supporting paper.

The birth grant: documents

To get help, you must first present a passport or other document that can confirm the identity.Also, the following documents are served:

- Statement on the appointment of child support.

- Help the registry office of the birth of a new citizen (Form 24 or 25).

- Copy of birth certificate of the baby.

- Help with the work of his father that he does not appoint or provide child support.If it does not work, then he must submit a copy of the employment record and a document from the authorities of the non-receipt of Social Security benefits.

- If it is to adopt a child, you need to prepare such documents as the court decision on adoption (adoption), an agreement about the transfer of the child to the family, etc.

- For single mothers need a certificate from the registry office where the specified data about the father.

What the unemployed?

If both parents are unemployed, the mat.assistance for child birth is paid RUSZN (in bodies of Social Security) after the granting of such securities:

- certificate for the child;

- certificate from the registrar;

- employment records mother and father of a child with records of dismissal;

- if the parents previously have not worked anywhere else, served a certificate or diploma;

- single mothers also provide a certificate from the registrar with the information about the father of the child.

Such compensation shall be paid continuously for 6 months after the birth of a son or daughter.A one-time benefit payment is made no later than 10 days after the filing.

Dimensions benefits

1 January each child, regardless of seniority women, she paid an allowance in the amount of 13,741 rubles 99.This size "child" benefits was established on 1 January this year.

In addition, the law also establishes the right of parents to the monthly payment for child care up to 1.5 years.It is paid at a rate of 40% of the average income in the two years before the employee learned of their interesting position, or the person who will actually take care of the newborn.For unemployed assumed such payouts:

  • If this is the first baby, the amount of compensation is - 2,576.63 rubles.
  • allowance for the second child and subsequent heirs of 5153.24 rubles.
  • In addition, families with three or more minor children, provided benefits.So, for the third, fourth, etc.children who were born not earlier than 01.01.2013 year, paid a monthly compensation of up to 3 years.

At the moment, the government is considering to extend those benefits up to 3 years.

Payments by regions

should be noted that the terms and amounts of governors and regional payments for children are very different in the regions of the Russian Federation.Some of them are not even paid yet.

benefits at birth (Moscow) due time payment of 5,500 p.for the first child and 14500 p.on the second and subsequent.In addition, parents who have not attained the age of 30, relies on the allowance of 34,500 rubles.If a family is born three or more children, they pay a one-time Moscow authorities of 50 000 rubles.If the father of the child is on an appeal, the lump sum will be 19,645 rubles, and monthly - 8420 rubles.The wives of soldiers laid an allowance of 20,725 rubles and 8822 rubles a one-off - every month.

Several other benefits are provided to the residents of St. Petersburg.For the first child can receive a lump sum of 21.5 thousand for the second - 28.7 thousand river, and for the third and subsequent heirs - 25.8 thousand. Rubles.

In the Altai region in the birth of three or more children parents allocate 50 thousand rubles, plus everything else they get the land for free.

In the Amur region to large families in which there are three or more children are entitled to the allowance amount subsistence level (Now it is more than 8 thousand. Rubles).

In the Voronezh region the size of benefits for child birth is 20 thousand rubles, and no matter whether it's a first child or not.

However, the amount of compensation in the infants is much more modest in the Kaluga region - 2.2 thousand for the first child, and 3.3 thousand for the second, third, and so on. D, and in the Kursk and Yaroslavl region - 2000 for the first child and 3 for the subsequent ones.

How to receive payment governor?

To get the governor's allowance, you should contact your local Social Security with such documents:

- a statement indicating the option of entitlement;

- birth certificate (copy is sufficient);

- copy of the passport, which contains the registration of a specific territory;

- a copy of the passbook with account number.

After providing the above mentioned documents the decision to grant financial assistance shall be issued after 10 days.Information about the inhabitant of the region, which became a mother, entered into a common database on social support.And only after that will be charged a certain amount of benefits for child birth.

parent Issued capital?

Many young mothers are also interested in: "What are the benefits for the newborn put them yet?" The legislation provides that, even at the birth of a second baby, etc.mothers put a certificate for maternity capital in the amount of 429 408, 50 rubles.However, it can be used only for certain purposes.This promotion began issuing in 2007 and granted only once.

In addition, you can dispose of such payment after the child will run for 3 years.However, due to maternity capital you can repay the loan for the purchase of property, regardless of how much time has passed since the birth of the second and subsequent children.The certificate was issued to the Pension Fund.This cash can not get it, it can only be used in such cases:

  1. housing improvement.
  2. the child's education.
  3. Forming part of the pension to the mother.Payment
  4. school or kindergarten.

In addition, this amount can be spent on one of the above purposes and in part for various needs.

What to look for?

If the employee stays in the decree to 1.5 years, but again becomes pregnant, she may choose between two kinds of benefits: either take a "vacation" for pregnancy and childbirth, or stay in and leave to care for a toddler.Two types of compensation pay is prohibited.

In this case, you must apply to the accounts of his company with such documents:

- The application for the allowance.

- Copy of birth certificate of a small citizen, for whom care is made.If there are still children, and provided testimony against them.

- If you decide to stay on maternity leave, also written statement.

- a certificate stating that the other parent does not use the leave to care for a toddler.

- Hospital maternity (enough copies).

Future innovations

Government also promises that in 2015 a variety of programs for the benefit of a child will be reviewed.It is expected that financial assistance for child birth in the next year will be increased.Large families will be able to land almost for nothing.Another interesting innovation that may soon will realize - electronic queue in kindergartens.You will be able to register on a special website and track the fate of their zayavki.Chinovniki also promise benefits for those parents who would send their children to kindergarten and go to work before their term.Let us hope that their ideas necessarily implemented.