White tea: beneficial properties.

benefits of white tea is known since the times of the Chinese emperors.White called because the tea buds densely covered with white fleece.Among all the varieties of white tea is a special respect due to weak oxidation and fermentation.White tea - is one of the most expensive and exquisite teas.And if you like to arrange a tea ceremony, such a drink will bring a lot of positive emotions and replenish your collection.

What are the different types of tea?

The pace of modern life rarely get the chance to not rush out and treat yourself to a drink.Basically, many people drink tea or other drinks "on the run".At the moment, there are many different kinds of tea.Black is the most common and famous, green, yellow, red and even blue, too, have tea.The color depends largely on the method of assembly as well as storage and handling.As mentioned above, one of the most expensive and rare species like the drink is a white tea.Useful properties - this is what is of great value for the Chinese (white tea is grown mainly in China).Therefore, they are reluctant to supply it for export.

difficult process of collecting, processing and storage

As a rule, white tea is processed on the spot because of its collection that it quickly deteriorates.Treatment takes less than a minute with hot steam, and then leaves lay out in the sun and dried up to full readiness.This method is most common in the processing of white tea, because when the beverage loses its minimum and its useful properties preserves all the good qualities.

collection of white type of tea is considered time-consuming process.The point here is this: in order to collect a kilogram of high quality products to be processed over a hundred thousand small white leaves.Hence the price.Now I understand why white tea is so expensive.But the store is now presented with a decent drink brand, is not so expensive.That white tea "Greenfield" "Lipton," "Curtis," and others.

Gather tea with most tops of the respective bush.This place is called "upper TIPS."This site is only a few leaves.Another caveat is that the villi tea germinate only in early April and harvested tea for only two days.Collection is performed 5 - 9 am.

interesting feature

White tea, useful properties are found in the article below, it has a powerful aroma and delicate flavor.This drink can easily spoil the odors that may be present during storage, transport and processing.Therefore, when assembling the tea workers forbid the use of perfume, smoke, eat spicy food and so on.White tea is so capricious that can not only absorb the strange smell, but also quickly deteriorate because of it.An interesting point is that, when they begin to collect white tea in the Chinese provinces of orchards in bloom, and a strong scent of flowers and the first hairs that grow on the tea tree, immediately absorb them.This process gives the drink flowering flavor and fragrance of spring flowers.


tea White tea, useful properties which if not properly stored disappear, requires a serious approach.Storage of white tea - is an art, which allows to preserve the taste and aroma.Bank, which houses the product should be sealed and not to let the rays of light, as well as odors.In addition, the moisture can cause sudden occurrence of odors.That you will surely feel, if you store your tea in the open or in a tightly closed container.These are important rules for storage of this drink as white tea.Harm it will not, if you follow them.A kilogram of white tea is from 500 rubles to 1,000 dollars.

Note the leaves!

Some sellers try to pass drink green tea over white.It is important to be vigilant when choosing a product and buy it only in specialized shops, which have certificates of quality products.To distinguish white from green tea, look at the leaves.White tea leaves must be solid, even.Not allowed breaking or twisting, odors.Normal white tea leaf on top and looks like a silvery shimmering green tint, and the bottom sheet to be a whitish fuzz.From normal white tea should smell of flowers or herbs.

healing drink

Many white tea - is a luxury, but also a way to make a good impression on people.Many appreciate the taste and aroma of the beverage.But there are people who prefer this type of product exclusively because of useful properties.White tea (reviews say that it is really useful) is a remedy in the true sense.In ancient China, only the emperor was served the drink as a medicinal product that has been able to give strength to win a headache, chills, and clear it.

White tea - the replacement of vitamins?

Due to minimal processing and careful storage of the product in compliance with all the instructions you will be able to feel the healing properties of the whole, which is famous for white tea.Useful properties are because it contained antioxidants, polyphenols, bioflavonoids, which inhibit the aging process, the formation of cancer cells.And they are able to strengthen the immune system and maintain antimicrobial properties.In addition, the tea has antiviral effect.The drink helps the body fight aging and the formation of harmful cells.This tea can really replace an entire pharmacy.The people call it a "miracle tea", because it really has healing properties and helps to heal the sick and put him on his feet.Incidentally, the drink normalises metabolic processes in the body.One cup of this tea contains the same amount of vitamins as contained in one of carrots.The benefits of white tea is reflected in the teeth.It contains fluoride, which is responsible for the health of human teeth.They remain intact teeth and fighting with the stone and the development of caries in children and adults.If you suffer from high blood pressure, the white tea - is the real key to solving the problem.This product is able to lower blood pressure and improve heart and blood vessels.And yet, the tea displays excess cholesterol from the blood.

How to brew?

We hope you understand how to properly store such a product in the home, and now turn to the question of how to brew white tea.It can not simply pour boiling water and five minutes to start drinking.It needs careful handling.To prepare white tea need filtered or spring water.Next, the water will need to bring to a boil, but do not boil.After this, the water must be cool to seventy degrees and pour it into a ceramic teapot.Attention!Ceramic teapot should be preheated, it should not be cold.To prepare one cup of drink, you'll need about two to three teaspoons of tea (it all depends on the preferences of the person).Once you have everything ready, pour the tea prepared from a ceramic teapot with water and leave it for five minutes.Thereafter, the same can brew tea before two times depending on its palatability.The first time you need to brew it for five minutes.

How to brew drink health

If you want to make and drink tea in medicinal purposes, need a slightly different approach.For therapeutic purposes, white tea brew for fifteen minutes.Drink this infusion to three times a week for three or four weeks.Once the drink of the present, it can take golden-green or yellow.Do not be alarmed, this is a normal process.These methods are not suitable for brewing tea bags, such as for example white tea "Greenfield".It is brewed on the basis of the instructions on the box.

Arts drinking

tea usually drink slowly.This whole ceremony.To prepare white tea, you have to go through many stages, and this is an art to preserve all useful properties.Drinking tea should be slowly, only in its pure form.If you add cream or milk drink, he can quickly deteriorate and acquire very different properties.In other words, this drink should be able to savor the taste and brewing.He may not like you because you can keep it wrong, and he absorbed odors and damage.In addition, do not drink white tea any food or sweets.Even chocolate cake or can spoil the impression of the drink.Tea contains a minimum quantity of tannin and caffeine, which means that it can easily drink at night.

And remember, the best white tea - is one that is properly collected and stored!