Scallop - shellfish and delicatessen

Scallop - bivalve, widespread on oceans.Some of its species, for example, Icelandic scallops, fit the water of the North Atlantic and the Barents Sea, but the most favorable climate for the majority of shellfish - subtropical and temperate.The shell of two rounded and ribbed flaps with "ears" - a house in which live scallops.Photos posted below illustrates the average size of the shell (diameter different species ranges from 2 to 20 cm).One can imagine the size of its occupant who has reached the age of sexual maturity, which occurs in the 5-7 year life.To multiply, scallops spawn, which carries over long distances.Settled to the bottom of the eggs begin an independent existence.

depth habitat of this amazing creature also depends on the type: some prefer to dive to the bottom of the ocean basins, while others - exist in shallow water.At any depth of the sea scallop lives, buried in the bottom ground, for filtering food from the water column planktonic algae and suspended particles of organic substances.To move a short distance clam uses a fairly interesting way: Very open and close the shutters, jetting water.So scallop floats, rather, makes jumps in rhythm slamming shell valves.Shellfish held in the shell with the help of strong protein filaments - byssus.At the edge of the mantle are tentacles - organs of touch.Here are two of a number of small holes that allow scallop see in the distance is not far off, but enough time to notice the approach of its most dangerous enemy - the starfish.

edible scallop - great value, so most of his species is a target species.The shells used for decorative purposes, but the scallop fishing on an industrial scale is carried out not for their sake, but for the delicate, sweet taste of meat - and expensive delicacy, marketed as frozen or salted.In many cuisines - Japanese, Chinese, French - it is cooked as a separate dish, but also included in the recipe for a salad, main dishes, cakes and other culinary delights.Gourmets all culinary delights prefer raw scallops, covered with lemon juice and olive oil quality.

Scallop not only tasty, but also useful, because the meat of the shellfish contains a unique complex of mineral substances for the organism.Energy value of 100 grams of edible portion of scallops is about 88 calories.The composition of delicacies from sea depths include protein, vitamin PP, chlorine, sulfur, other macro and micronutrients.Scallops - protein product with a minimum fat content, has a low caloric value.Therefore, they are useful to use, especially for those who suffer from obesity.In Asian countries scallop dishes considered to be one of the most effective means to enhance male potency.