Details about what happened with Zakhar "Autoradio"

For some time now many countrymen interested in the question: "Where did Zakhar with" Autoradio "?" This is the master station, which aired from 1993 Zahar - one of the founders of "Autoradio" - Michael L. Zakharov and popular charactershow "Murzilki International┬╗.

entertainment programs was created for drivers who have to spend a lot of time on the road.The project comes in FM.The program has received recognition from domestic mass audience.Issues famous show listens to Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova.

Nothing indicated loss leading

notorious Russian public Zahar worked in a trio of Tatyana Gordeeva and Mikhail Bragin.The group was playing a parody of the song, turning the meaning of the words in the product, introduces students to the most ridiculous and unbelievable news of the world, commented on sports news and an overview of the press.Then, no one thought that soon drivers will ask colleagues about what happened with Zakhar "Autoradio".In the trio had so many fans in the audience.The highlight of the show - singing lead, is not often hear on the air.The team has gained popularity among the audience.Suddenly, one of the favorite characters of the public disappeared.

Mikhail Zakharov left with "Autoradio┬╗

In fact, the leading left only the show, but continues to appear on the radio, speaking from the famous interviewer sports beau monde of the country.Those who are worried about what happened to Zahar "Autoradio", can soothe, he does what he likes, comments on the activities of the Russian national team on hockey.Now it's official spokesman of the team.His reports from the stadiums the world level can be heard on the radio station "Radio Sport".

In fact, the question "Where did Zakhar with" Autoradio "?" In principle wrong, because Michael - one of the founders of the company."Autoradio" officially covers the activities of the Russian national team on hockey.Now Mikhail radio station meets hockey celebrities, interviews champions and winners of the Olympic Games.All these people are guests of "Autoradio".

Brief biography Mikhail Zakharov

famous presenter was born in 1968, on 18 February.He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute.Ever since Michael became the school to organize discos.Gradually his interests moved into adulthood.When the time came to choose between radio or discos, Michael chose ether.This happened in 1993.Then "Autoradio" worked under the direction of the traffic police, broadcasting of boring rules of the SDA.

Once management has invited Michael radio broadcast.With this began the triumphant development of "Autoradio".He was the author and host of entertainment show in the style of music of the 80's called "second wind."Issues of transmission led to a significant increase in ratings of radio stations.As a result, the administration has proposed a talented master lead management of the organization.So one of the owners of the radio station was Mikhail Zakharov."Autoradio" soon turned into one of the most popular stations in the country.

public he was remembered as a character Zahar - member of the trio of the show "Murzilki."In the role of the leading morning show, he worked until 2013, after which he was appointed sports commentator Russian ice hockey team.Students show heavily experienced the disappearance of Zahara.Internet is packed with complaints about the fact that he left the broadcast transmission.