What is filling for tartlets?

for the holiday feast is very urgent delicious filling for tartlets.Recipe any sweet and savory snacks will be most welcome.After all, the more of them, the higher the probability of finding your favorite variety and surprise guests.

most delicious filling for tartlets of savory foods

good idea - to fill the blank your favorite salad.It is also good to use with julienne chicken, mushrooms or cheese (pre-baked in an oven or microwave) - this is the perfect filling for tartlets.The recipe will make it so, as you like.As for the texture and taste that goes well with a waffle basis, this snack can be very diverse.Salad in jelly - another suitable filling for tartlets.The recipe for the traditional crab salad and Russian salad without mayonnaise can be easily adapted by placing sliced ​​products in savory jelly gelatin or agar-agar.Baskets of fresh or pastry you can buy in the department of semi-finished products, and can make his own.If you bake them yourself, it is best to do so in advance so they have time to cool down.There is another feature that can successfully perform the filling for tarts - recipe means that it is thus possible to issue decorative remains of various dishes.Also serving a side dish to meat dishes in the baskets looks attractive and festive.Make a salad of squid.Take one-third of a kilogram of fresh boiled clams, onion, two apples, lettuce, homemade mayonnaise, milk or eggs, pepper and salt.Squid can be bought raw - in this case, there should be twice as large.Cut and simmered in a little water before whitening - this should take no more than two minutes.Pour boiling water over the bow, after having cut into half rings.Chop apples small cubes.Lettuce tear hands.Mix the ingredients, season, let it brew.It is very important to the unfolding of filling tartlets, so she was not too wet.Therefore, after she stands up, it is advisable to merge the separated liquid.Easy and simple to cook chicken liver pate for starters.We need to take half a kilogram byproduct.To boil it, fry in butter, twist.Add browned onion, brandy, herbs.Again twist.Put in tartlets, decorated with cranberry sauce and herbs.Serve preferably after being cooled snack.

filling for tartlets sweet

first thing that comes to mind when you start to think about what to fill baskets sweet - this, of course, cream and fruit.And meringue (meringue).The basis can be bought ready-made and can be quickly and easily manufactured from purchased puff pastry or homemade chopped.Custard done very simply.To do this, heat the yolks with the sugar in a water bath, then add milk and boiled, stirring constantly, until tender.Expanding into baskets cold.