How to learn to sit on the twine quickly and without injury

Horse riding elegance and flexibility in the sport and fitness is considered twine.Longitudinal or transverse, it looks really impressive.However, not everyone is able to depict the intricate gymnastic figure.The reason for this lies in the inflexibility often sedentary lifestyle, which, unfortunately, more and more followers.The work, most of which have to be carried out in a sitting position, the road to the house (and often no frills physical fitness), homework.Time and effort is not enough stretching, twine remains a dream.Meanwhile, stretched and elastic leg muscles - it's not just beautiful, it is the key to health and preserve mobility in adulthood.For information on how to learn to sit on twine and no injuries in the home, the story goes in this article.


Before proceeding directly to the stretching, it is important to exclude the presence of diseases such as:

  • hypertension;
  • injuries and bruises feet;
  • cracks in the pelvic bone;
  • exacerbation of diseases of the spine.

Basis of preparation for the implementation of twine:

learn how to stretch the twine, not written one article.Of course, each gymnast or athlete's own exclusive method.However, there are a number of principles, compliance with which will help prevent injuries and will greatly facilitate the lives of those who want to know how to learn to sit on the twine:

  1. Warming. fitness guru argue that stretching without warming up muscles - a direct path to their trauma.Absolutely nowhere to verify their words on my experience, it is better to make a vigorous warm-up swings leg squats and lunges.Ideal - running.The result should be a feeling of light "burning" muscle.No need peretruzhdaetsya and all reserve forces to leave at this stage.
  2. Stretching. most important and longest stage of preparation.At this point stretch the muscles - the key to a successful twine in principle.Below - basic stretching exercises, twine without which will not exactly beautiful.
  • standing on the supporting leg, the second leg should throw a higher surface (depending on the capabilities, it might be the chair, the back of a chair or couch) and perform slow slopes, stretching your fingers to the fingers of the raised leg.If done correctly, this exercise, the back surface of the leg would be nice to warm up, becausestretch the back muscles of the legs.
  • sit on the floor, legs dissolve in hand, bent at the knee right leg and expanding it so that the heel rests on the internal surface of the right thigh.Then he leans forward, trying to reach the fingers as far as possible.Spring is not necessary;If it turns out well, try using fingers "crawl" a little further.The criterion of completion exercise will serve as a feeling of heat on the inside of the thigh.Repeat on the other foot.
  • "Butterfly."Sit on the floor, legs bent at the knees, feet and must be connected to make mahi knees.

makes no sense to perform stretching exercises at least 5 minutes: the muscles in this case is practically not working, and the effect of all exercises will not.Therefore, if you are not one of those who asked the question "How to learn to sit on twine ?!"out of curiosity, take preparation responsibly!

3. twine. All preparatory steps completed, you can go to the most important.You can read many articles about how to learn to sit on twine, do stretching and warm-up, but the best exercise - sit on it!To do this:

  • sit down, legs spread wide apart and her hands deep lean forward.Detained in a position where there pleasant pain (this is important! It is nice that shows the muscles);
  • got up on one knee and pulling the second leg in front of you, lean forward to the extended leg.If stretching allows gradually straighten the leg bent at the knee.
  • one leg to pull as much as possible to the side, the second being the support, bend at the knee.Making the body tilts toward the extended leg, you should try to make the distance from the straight leg to the floor slowly declined.And options for sophisticated: sitting on the floor and spread his legs apart, hands must be put in front of him.Shifting weight to them, gradually raise your pelvis off the floor and lean forward.Pushing the legs to the side and again trying to shorten the distance between the pelvis and the floor.

should also remember that the key to success - the regularity and consistency.It is better to train every day just for 25-30 minutes, once a week for an hour to give the exercises.