As the New Year in different countries: interesting traditions from around the world

New Year - the most fabulous and everyone's favorite holiday, is not it?After all, at this time literally everywhere hovers elusive, fantastic atmosphere.This is the only day of the year when even the most unbelievable and bold dreams can come true.Since celebrate the New Year in different countries?After all, every nation has its own traditions.

New Year around the world: how to celebrate its ancient inhabitants?

We decided to celebrate the New Year in the winter.But in ancient times such celebration held in the spring, as a rule, immediately after the equinox.This is not quite understandable to modern people tradition has its reasons.After all, with the advent of spring awakening nature, started new work in the fields, there comes a new period of life.

Ancient Babylon .It is here that was born a tradition that on the eve of the New Year it is necessary to forgive all wrongs, to forget sadness and with a pure heart to enter into a new day.On the eve of all we must put up with even the most bitter enemies.Houses were decorated with branches of apple and pomegranate.Then we put on the table a variety of national dishes and drinks.Interestingly, all the pitchers in the house were filled with water, milk and grain - it portends a rich harvest.

Ancient Rome .In this state born other modern tradition.For example, it has created a calendar of Julius Caesar, which began on 1 January.In this day and it was decided to celebrate the New Year.An important tradition was the sacrifice (meaning food, gold, jewelery) god Janus, who in those days was a deity of successful new ventures.Another great tradition - a New Year's gifts.First, the Romans gave each other a laurel branch - a symbol of good luck and happiness.Over time, the gifts became more diverse.

As the New Year in different countries of the modern world?

Of course, today we do not perform sacrifices and grain fill pitchers.However, each state has its own tradition of this celebration, and they are all in their original and interesting.

As the New Year in different countries of the East?Of course, Eastern New Year - it's always a fairy tale.

For example, it is no secret that the New Year holidays in China, accompanied by colorful processions to the accompaniment of fireworks, firecrackers and fireworks.And it is also part of the tradition.After all, the Chinese believe that this night in the world opens the passage to the evil spirits, and the loud noises scare them away.Even the doors and windows of the house sometimes colored paper glued to the evil could not seep inside.New Year in China - it's a family holiday, you want to celebrate exclusively in the circle of relatives.

Another interesting tradition in Japan.To start all residents go to church, where the bell is hit exactly 108 times.It is believed that with every ringing out all the bad.And in the very eve of the New Year's Eve the Japanese begin to laugh, because laughter is to bring good luck in the future.

Interestingly, as noted by the New Year in India?For example, Hindus celebrate this holiday about four times a year - each region has in this respect their own traditions.And if we take into account the culture of national minorities, it is possible to say with certainty that India - the "New Year" state in the world.

As the New Year in different European countries?Of course, the tradition of Europeans less exotic, although there are very original.

For example, in Germany, as soon as the clock begins to beat the last seconds of the outgoing year, people climbing on tables, chairs and tables and the final hours of the battle, "jump into the New Year."And in Austria New Year's Eve necessarily need to sit on the part of the pig snout or head - it will bring good luck.

Greek kids leave for the night near the fireplace his boots, which must be filled St. Basil gifts (a bit like the American Santa Claus).

Scotland - another interesting country with the original customs.In the New Year's Eve, some barrels filled with tar.They were then set on fire and rolled along the streets.People think that just so you can burn all the piles of misfortunes and troubles of the last year.

In France you can see with your own eyes, "Bean King".At the gala dinner must be present pie baked bean in it.Tom, who got "honorable" piece, unquestioningly obey all present throughout the night.

very interesting to see off the old year in Mexico.On the eve of all the bowls, buckets, barrels and jugs in the house are filled with water.And at midnight the water poured out of the windows.

Now you know how to celebrate the New Year in different countries.As can be seen, each tradition is unique.But the only thing in common - a belief in a bright future, a belief that from the first second of this year opens the door to a new life.This is truly one of the most important and significant days in the year.After all, say the same, as Year meet, so spend it.And you should never neglect the ancient customs.