Earrings with emeralds: photos and interesting facts

The most valuable are the stones of the first order, such as ruby, diamond.Earrings with emeralds also belong to the highest decorations.Having them can really wealthy people, since this stone - one of the most demanding in the world of jewelry.

natural forms

Emeralds - is the green variety of beryl.Their color varies from pale light green to deep green and blue tints.Its main value is considered to be transparent.But nature does not occur almost perfect crystal.The biggest stones without flaws do not exceed 5 carats.And that quality is determined by eye without a magnifying glass.Because with the increase will still be visible small cracks and foreign inclusions.

In the world there are many fields where the mineral is extracted.But from the middle of the last century it is grown artificially.So if you bought a relatively inexpensive earrings with emerald, it is likely that they were mined in the laboratory.Fortunately, the quality of these stones as close as possible to the natural prototypes.

Stone sages and seers

Even today, it is believed that the earrings with emeralds can amplify intuition woman who wears them.In ancient times the stone is truly attributed mystical properties.He was a mandatory attribute during meditation and magic rituals.In secret letters engraved emeralds.

This stone is considered to be the defender of a young family.It protects against reckless passion and betrayal, keeps a clean pair of youthful love and breaks if one of the spouses acted dishonestly in relation to the second.

In the Middle Ages silver earrings with emerald gave young girls to protect their chastity and protect them from the evil eye, damage and fatal disease.It was assumed that, defeating a disease, stone crumbles to pieces.

Emeralds were many rulers.Stone gave them wisdom and mercy balanced disposition and coast from rash acts.

universal medicine

Ring with an emerald was the main attribute of the doctors of the Middle Ages.He defended both from dangerous diseases, they face, and suggests how to treat patients.

on women's health, he has a particular influence.Earrings with emeralds helped move easier pregnancy and childbirth.And in the future they protect the mother and child from illnesses and spell.It is also believed that the emerald treats the majority of gynecological diseases, kidney, bladder and urinary channels.

of the most unusual ways to use stone in medicine worth mentioning alcohol tincture, which treated many diseases.Also, two-carat stone pounded into powder with red wine displays the body of the poison, and its powder with rose water treating snake bites.

Although Emerald is a fairly strong healing stone, in ancient Egypt, women were forbidden to wear the ring with him.It was believed that in this form it leads to infertility.

options cut and rims

Emeralds - rather complicated in handling gems.They rarely give classical form.The most commonly used one-sided cut cabochon.This prevents new cracks, and so that may be inside the stone.Besides less complicated cutting helps to hide small defects, such as liquid, air or other minerals inside.

increasingly making rings and earrings with emeralds.Photos of products are dazzling.But the most expensive considered pendants and necklace.For these products need top quality stones and natural deposits give them quite rare.

best metal for emeralds found gold.They perfectly fit and color, and the rated value.Also look good emeralds set in platinum.This metal accentuates their natural green color.

much rarer silver earrings with emerald.Especially rare in the metal recovering natural stones.But cultured in this version are used everywhere.

highlight of evening dress

If you had the chance to visit the grand evening event, it makes sense to get out of the casket earrings with emeralds.They go perfectly with almost any outfit.The main thing that a stone had a chance to shine in the rays of artificial lighting.It was then that he fully discloses its beauty.

feature ornaments with emerald is that it transforms even the simplest dress.The guests are unlikely to remember in what outfit you were, but earrings remain in their memory for a long time.

Horse riding chic and luxury can be called earrings with diamonds and emeralds.This looks great one large green stone surrounded by smaller diamonds of pure water.Their brilliance is blinding.But a woman should be ready for attention.Uncertainty will be immediately apparent.These jewels like strong women.

Decoration for girls

Of course, every day wearing emerald earrings, no one will.But also for young persons jewelers come up with an evening version of the decoration, which attracted little attention and emphasizes the natural beauty.This small earrings with stones, rimmed with white metal.

Girls undesirable wear gold.But platinum or silver - the perfect option, symbolizing the beauty and innocence.

Because it's really a gem, you should not get involved in them.These decorations should be in the box for a special occasion.