How to become a hipster: particular subculture

today quite popular word "hipster".Who and what is - they know not all, but some have already inquire about its value, and even rushed to join the ranks of these people.Let's look at the points, what is it and how to become one of the representatives of this newfangled subculture.

hipster What is this?

The term first appeared in the US in the mid-20th century.Initially, he described a man who was a fan of jazz music.Now the word "hipster" means representatives of youth subcultures - man 15-23 years old, which is financially secure, enjoys art and culture of the elite, fashionable dresses and listening to alternative music, and watching arthouse films and reading modern literature.

How to become a hipster

Become a part of this subculture is not difficult.The main thing is to know what a person intends to join the hipsters - a threat of loss of identity.The fact that the hipster culture quite sketchy because accentuated on the trappings and superficial knowledge.Yes, hipsters do not walk the cemeteries, do not cut his wrists, but on the contrary, quite emotional, cheerful and friendly, but these positive features entail a number of disadvantages: for example, the lack of inclination to analysis and introspection.These young people are reading Fashionable modern books, but the discussion of their content is reduced to these characteristics, dedicated fashion reviewers.No matter how deeply people understand the meaning of a work is more important for him to remember the author's name and knew how to nicely say, liked the book or not, adding to the presentation of a couple of buzz words.

Hipsters - the subculture of consumers, and this determines its characteristics.


Before you become a hipster, you need to learn to dress accordingly and be prepared to be given the choice of clothes and accessories a lot of time, because the appearance of - defining contrast hipster from all others.

Clothing and accessories are the subject of worship, and their owner thus tends to be part of elite culture, strongly demonstrating during a conversation or in any other circumstances surrounding the fact that he has such a fashionable thing.

Skinny Skinny jeans - selection of any hipster, sneakers with bright colors good brand.Another indispensable item of clothing of any representative of this subculture - shirt with print.It can be depicted funny inscriptions, cars, animals, chairs, and, of course, London.

thick-rimmed glasses in order to maintain the image of an intellectual - is one of the distinctive "features" hipster.

And another important point: a real hipster can not do without apple products, so before you become a hipster, you need to buy at least one of them: the player, MacBook, iPhone, iPod - the main thing that they saw the manufacturer's logo.

Music and other preferences

Hipsters listen to indie rock, watching arthouse films and read "countercultural" book.It is difficult to say whether they understand their meaning, but in any case to do it - a mandatory attribute behavior.

Hipsters are guided by the views of the elite and try to do the same as they are.Therefore, to learn how to become a hipster, you must first understand the current trends of elite culture.


Among the representatives of this subculture popular blogging and registration in the most popular social networks, where they publish their ideas and share experiences.

Hipsters choose creative professions in which there is implementation, not all, and therefore can often be seen among the attendants.However, the choice of places, too, has a certain regularity: if hipster - seller, the shop where he works, always offers an exclusive thing, if a waiter, then certainly works in the cozy little cafe, where going to Bohemia.

Thus, hipsters - enough surface subculture, punctuated by materialism, so to become one of them is not difficult.