Are we waiting for the transition to winter time?

long existed in our country transition to winter time is seen by many as the only opportunity to sleep in the morning for another hour.Of course, while the body does not get used.A little harder for fans to sleep was the reverse transition to daylight saving time.However, many a time shift permanently unsettle, and people with weakened immune systems, and does increase the risk of diseases.With each passing year to get used to the new regime takes more days.Increasingly recent years, one could hear that the adaptation to the new time is given twice a year is not easy.And if a villager living in more harmony with the biological clock, the city office worker after each transfer of the shooter is not yet a week complaining of weakness and ill health (many hours of flights with a change of several time zones at the same time if it is not counted).Let's try to figure out whether such complaints are justified, when and why was canceled transition to winter time, and will return there again.

ideas about how to "cheat" nature and more efficient use of daylight hours, existed in ancient Rome.Save time and offered candles and Benjamin Franklin.According to the official version of the clock to daylight saving time and back began to translate the Germans during the First World War, which was associated with a desire to lengthen the daylight hours to conduct combat operations.Even in peacetime, a similar experience took over the other European countries;such an attempt in the US at that time was made only once, but later moved to America the practice.Spring time shift for an hour was assigned a special decree of the Soviet Union, and lasted until 1930 .. Then he was done the reverse transition to winter time, and until 1981 the arrow is no longer translated.

profitable to such a change of time zones?Despite all the assurances of Power about its appropriateness recently studied the impact of this shift on human health and the possible economic losses due to deterioration of health of people.Almost 100 years ago, yet the German peasants opposed to "games" with the biological clock, which directly affected the health of crops and livestock.Even without research it was clear that cheat nature lossless unlikely to succeed.

When in 2011 was made the abolition of transition to winter time talking about what exactly it is, rather than saving is biologically more "correct".Suddenly the enemies of every kind of translation shooter feel the difference.According to many, the final transition to winter time would contribute to a better state of health in the fall.There was a statistical survey, which showed that about a third of Russia's population was in favor of a return to the celestial, that is, winter time, and even have a corresponding bill.Another third of those polled opposed such an initiative, and the same number of those who was not identified with the views.

Following the Russian permanent summer passed and some neighboring countries, in particular, Belarus and Ukraine.Many neighbors in the CIS and Baltic countries arrows do not translate at all.In most European countries the tradition of the transfer clock is maintained.Slowly we are getting used to the fact that the time difference with other countries is now constant.However, particular care should be that planning a trip abroad, since the translation winter time in other countries may change the usual time zone difference.

Whatever it was, despite all the talk of returning to winter time in the near future is foreseen.The Russian government does not rule out such a possibility, but as of autumn 2012. No changes are foreseen, and the question remains open.