Examples of characteristics of the workplace.

Quite often a person, together with other necessary documents required to provide performance.What is it and how to make it right?

Basic rules of characteristics

Before you get to work, you need a clear idea of ​​what is characteristic.Initially, it is considered to be a set of features that allow you to distinguish one object from another.So in the paperwork.Feature - a document which contains a review of the different types of activity (social, service) of a particular employee.It assesses his personal (moral and ethical) quality.

Issued a document on the letterhead of the company and constitute a specialist personnel department, supervisor or department in which the employee works.Examples of characteristics of employment can be found in any individual case.One way or another worker at least once during the entire career may need this document.It should be noted that all the features are divided into 2 types:

  • external;
  • interior.

first used within a particular company, and the latter are intended to provide for the needs of individual organizations by.This may be the police, the courts, the military enlistment office, medical facility and others.Examples of characteristics of employment are in any enterprise in the form of prefabricated forms.According to generally accepted rules in this document should be consistently reflected the following information about the employee:

  1. surname, first name and patronymic.
  2. complete date of birth.
  3. position (profession).
  4. The structural unit in which he works.
  5. Education background.Lists all the schools he graduated, with an indication of their specialty in each one.Must be marked with the year of admission and graduation of the educational institution.
  6. Information about the work.It should be noted whole career from the time of admission to the enterprise.
  7. description of personal and professional qualities, as well as a list of incentives and rewards.It also provides an assessment of its efficiency and technical competence.
  8. employee participation in various activities and projects.Here you can also specify (if any) the fact that training.
  9. name of the organization for which the request is made in this document.

to sign the official document should head of the structural unit and the head of the enterprise.He will stamp of the organization.Examples of characteristics of employment can create your own or refer to specialists in proceedings.Because of the variety of options they will prompt the most appropriate one, and then you can work on a sample.If desired, you can create different characteristics of the examples of employment: both positive and negative.

Characteristics for growth prospects

All internal characteristics can be divided into 3 categories:

  • utility;
  • production;
  • psychological.

each of them is for a specific purpose.For example, the official response from the employer is necessary to provide a higher authority.Usually, it need to address the issue of the transfer to another job, certification, enhancing and promoting or Punishment.This document contains information about the experience, skills and career path of the employee.It provides an opportunity to evaluate him as a specialist.

Based on the information provided leadership has already taken a decision.Service characteristics drawn supervisor.Who else but he knows better than any other employee.To get the most positive review, it is necessary to focus on the performance and proactive stance.Such an employee must be a person of authoritative and non-conflict.

main thing - do no harm

writing characteristics of employment - employment difficult, but responsible.After all, it depends on further human intervention.Therefore, you need to create a characteristic not only competent, but also by all the rules.To begin with we should not forget that such a document is written, usually in the past tense, and the narrative is in the third person.

should never compromise with his conscience, and giving false information.Sooner or later all will be revealed, and the result will cause only harm both parties "conspiracy".If the former employee asked to make a characterization of scientific positions in another enterprise, you need to approach this issue thoroughly.Firstly, it is necessary to focus on the knowledge and training of the employee.Secondly, it is advantageous to describe his personality.You can not skimp on praise.It would be good to note that such a person "is indispensable in its place", "well versed in the circumstances, and quickly find a way out of any situation."The main thing - do not go through with epithets that response did not look like a greeting card.