How to become an emo: a topical issue for teens

in puberty and boys and girls want to challenge parents, teachers, peers around the world, finally.The goal is simple - to prove that they are not children, and adults, individual, full members of society, which "is not perfect, but they are certainly all correct."And one of the ways how to do it - to join in this or that youth movement, in an informal subculture that exists today, as they say, color and taste.

talk today about what is emo culture and how to become a representative.The term itself appeared in the mid 80s.the last century.It represents a reduction from the English word Ā«emotionalĀ», which denotes a specific kind of music harkornoy very sensual vocal performance (with a whisper, wheezing, anguish) and melodic instrumental accompaniment.

How to be Emo: where to start?

optimal age to become an emo - is 12-13 years.At this age, fullest absorbed all the information, and you are not required to radically change their preferences in cosmetics and clothing, because they really are not yet

formed.Check out the information on niche sites and forums devoted to emo.Decide for yourself - it is necessary it or not, not whether this philosophy will cause dissonance with your worldview.Do not be amiss to listen to and the corresponding bands.Then, you can already start to work on your emo image.

How to be Emo: Issues image

External emo style is manifested in the bright make-up, so you have (regardless of sex) is mandatory to attend the black ink, dark lipstick, eye shadow (black raspberry).In terms of clothing should be reserved skinny jeans-skinny (also in black) T-shirts with the image of favorite artists or emo psychedelic patterns, sneakers, and wristbands, badges, bags pochtalonkoy, riveted straps.Do not be amiss to go to the hairdresser, dye my hair black (you can add a few strands of contrast - white or raspberry) and make torn oblique bangs covering the one eye.If you will allow parents, it can be pierced.That's traditional look, girls and boys, who identify themselves as emo.

How to be Emo: What kind of music to listen to?

Music for Emo - more than just music.Representatives of the subculture is almost always possible to meet the player and headphones in their ears, because it is a song to help them to feel deep emotions expressed in the texts tearful and touching melodies.If the original musical style here is the one of the areas of hard rock, emo today prefer to listen to anything that might hurt their soul for a living.As a rule, the subject of the songs revolve around unrequited love, associated with suffering, pain, death.

How to be Emo's inside?

If you think that in order to become emo enough to dress up accordingly, you are mistaken.It should be understood that any youth subculture important not posturing and not a fad, but it is what you feel inside.Therefore, labor-emo (real emo) is an appropriate way of life (not eating meat, does not drink, does not smoke or take drugs), do not hesitate to clearly express (even to throw out) their emotions in public (both positive and negative), is not afraidcondemnation of society.Learn to be an emotional and truly understand the pain of others.Learn sincerely and wholeheartedly sympathize.

Remember that any business should be given to the soul.So if you really close to Emo culture, and understand all aspects of it, and in any case, do not take it just as a fashion inspired by today.