Why do men cheat?

Modern scholars claim that infidelity - ineradicable feature of human nature.Man has long been characterized by a need for polygamy and cheating - just a way to satisfy it.Yes, men are changing, but not all and not always.Of course, women are able to prevent more than half of adultery, unless, of course, they will pay attention to the time that their man is something going on.

exception to the rule is the pathological womanizer who just are not suitable for family life.It is believed that the roots of their inconsistency - in the wrong upbringing: the child was alone, deprived of parental love and attention.In adulthood, increased desire for love, became neutolyaemym.Even if a man gets what he wants and has many love affairs outside the family, for him it still seems inadequate.Such a person will change as long as his children's wound is not fully tightened.Or he will always be a womanizer.

Midlife crisis

After forty many men, even the most faithful, there is a fear of age, and awareness of missed opportunities that I want to return.Contact young girl Godea his daughter - the most common attempt to return leaving youth.For someone it ends quickly, well, somebody throws a new passion with his head, leaving family and children for the sake of a new passion.

If you have started to notice the first signs of his men notorious mid-life crisis, try to give it their full attention, care and love.Now he needs your support more than ever, because the best you can return the man confidence.

search for new sensations

Over time relationships lose their sharpness and become fresh, lost romance.After 10 years of marriage, my knees are unlikely to be podkashivatsya the touch of your loved one, on the first date.That he has such a history.Both men and women are equally fond of variety, both visual and emotional.

Arrange a feast for two: make a hotel booking, or Arrange a romantic date at home, or buy a new beautiful clothes.Even small efforts on your part will help to avoid major problems in the future.If a man gets a new feel at home, what to look for them on the side?

Disadvantaged pride

This is a case where the wife and beautiful and clever and earns money and creates coziness, and the man beside her feel flawed and unworthy.Or if it is constantly in some reproaches.Then he begins to assert itself on the side, thereby proving to himself that he is also in demand in the face of other women and also something can.

new love

According to scientists, the maximum number of divorces occur in the fourth year of marriage.Alliances based on strong emotional experience, break more frequently than marriages of convenience.Unfortunately, the feelings are very difficult to control, it is almost impossible, so even if the man does not want to change his wife, he can not do anything that feels for another woman.This is because the creation of the family should be approached deliberately and not by Bedazzled.

Other reasons

Alcohol. Alas, one of the most popular causes of male infidelity.

Pity. too, it happens.If a man can not deny love and longed for his woman.

feeling of permissiveness. lack of fear of losing a loved one can push men to rash acts.As a rule, regret comes when it is too late to correct something.

I often say to our participants of the reality show "American fiance (TV channel Friday!):" Be attentive to your loved ones, then many problems can be avoided before they happen! ".

Katya Zharkova