A marriage of convenience - it honestly?

likely someone would disagree.And even it is outraged such a statement.But if you think maybe this is true, and a marriage of convenience is honest with each other.A marriage contracted by mutual consent, and with full transparency in the relationship, usually leads to a long, stable and lasting union.

Most women, creating relationships, present themselves as princesses, they favorably pass himself manly hands prince who, in turn, promises to be a caring, attentive and on hand to wear.And women, respectively, promise to be kind, gentle, tender, sexy, shopping.Only when there is a passport stamp, things are changing and not always for the better, is not it?Almost 99% of women say that they are disappointed in marriage and their expectations were not fulfilled, and the prince was not a prince, and ... and helped them realize their dreams and fulfill their desires.Men will speak about their wives also, at times, not holding back in terms.And in the end, when the time strikes, the princess turns into a "Cinderella" and the prince becomes a "rat" and they begin to understand that their life is similar to the "pumpkin".

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Why is this happening?

Because each had their expectations of marriage, and often they do not coincide with the wishes of the partner.

Each thought of yourself, but do not ask why, as waiting for a partner to these relations.Do you want a large apartment in a prestigious area, to be a "housewife" to not work, to have a lot of money to shop and beauty salon.The man wants - Beautiful and sexy woman, always ready to satisfy it, and it can be proud to show friends, not fat, especially after childbirth, which is able to look after yourself, even if you do not give her money, etc.And all these desires we cover such phrases as "I love you" and "you are very necessary to me."Of course, you need, you also have your wish list, somebody has to carry it out.

What is the difference between a marriage of love from the marriage of convenience?

In the second case, people are not afraid to tell safely that in addition to him / her they like their apartment, a car, a bank account in the bank and about what we want to achieve at the expense of another.Just, frankly and honestly.

Yes, of course, any such truth can cause confusion or negative reaction.And you tell me that you are not so / so.But before getting into position "injured innocence" remember your argument, what was the cause of them, the true reason?Enough at least be honest with yourself.Perhaps you just ashamed to admit their "mercantile" interests.And on the face of the conflict between honesty and politeness.

Believe me, every marital union, has its own account.Their main value is in fair agreement on the conditions that everyone is ready to perform.In the end, everyone is happy and satisfied because their expectations of marriage and fulfilled their demands are met.

Of course, now that you have lived for some time together, to reconsider the value of their relationship and something radically change not worth it, you only need to start with an honest recognition of their expectations from marriage, try their voice, if it is acceptable for you.Thus, you can avoid in the future the "pitfalls" in your relationship.Frankly acknowledging its position in personal relationships, you can create a new agreement that satisfies both, and thus strengthen their alliance.

marriage of convenience - a great opportunity to state openly about their desires and expectations that each of us has to marry.Women waiting for warmth, care, attention and love, of course, men of fidelity, home comfort, warmth and support.

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