Olga Kurylenko is justified for all his nude

The Sun jokes that Olga Kurylenko will play in the new film about the adventures of James Bond's one of his girls learn better without clothes than her.
Not so long ago appeared on the Internet candid photos Ukrainian actress Olga appeared nude in "Quantum of Solace."And in the next month will be released another film with her participation - "ring finger".In this tape Kurylenko again show all their charms.

«ring finger" was filmed in 2005, but for some reason, his exit was delayed.Recently in an interview, the number of which in the life of Olga has risen sharply after the premiere of the Bond tape, the actress said: "For me it was never a problem to remove her bra and bare in the film.When you're on the beach, you are also almost naked.I refused understudy, because I wanted to play in a very erotic scenes. "

And that's what Olga says about his nude shot in the beginning of a career, but surfaced not long ago: "There is nothing unusual.All modern actresses for their careers at least once had to appear naked.But all the magazine pictures - art.It's a work of art.I have not acted in pornography.All the photo shoot made for promotional purposes and have always been quite good and beautiful.I do not deny their participation in it, but do not deny that the shooting I do not particularly like.It's just a job, which I do not do it for several years.I threw her modeling career, because I just fell in love with the movie. "

said Olga something about his personal life.To his 28 years it has gone through two divorces, but, nevertheless, do not despair and do not cross out of his plans for a happy marriage.

In 2003, after 4 years of marriage, Kurylenko divorced photographer Cedric Van Maul.And in 2006 she remarried - a businessman Damian Gabrielle, but the marriage was short-lived, and the couple broke up a year later.

«I'm not frightened by two divorces, - says the actress.- The main thing I liked both men, and love can not be sorry.I'm glad that part of his life spent with them.And if I could go back, you would do the same.I do not think divorce is something terrible.This is just the end of one story after another that will. "

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