Windows 10 Technical Preview: Reviews of the operating system

Microsoft is preparing to bring to market a new version of the operating system - Windows 10. Its preparation and refinement have a special, socially oriented nature.The American company provides users from around the world a unique opportunity - to test the preliminary version of the new operating system Windows 10 Technical Preview for free to get acquainted with its main features.Developers also expect to receive from the user feedback on the new product.This initiative is in some way unique, as one of the alleged distribution channels of the new OS - Free download permitted distributions to owners of Windows 7 and 8. What are the features of the corresponding distribution, represented by Microsoft?What new opportunities opens up brand for users?

Universal OS

Perhaps the key distinguishing feature of which is characterized by the Windows 10 Technical Preview (many reviews IT-expert about this option very positive) - this OS is actually implemented in a single version on the PC and mobile devices.

course, interfaces are still different, because of the need to adapt them to the specific use of the relevant devices.But the core of the OS, its platform will be the same.This will determine the ability to run Windows applications on any device.Distribute the Program will be through a single store from Microsoft.

How to download the operating system?

Windows 10 Technical Preview (user reviews assess an appropriate opportunity to exclusively positive) can be downloaded for free.In order to do this you need to, first of all, to enter the Live-Account Microsoft, and secondly, to give their consent to the program Windows Insider, initiated by the American brand.The user gains access to distribution, adapted to a 32- or 64-bit computers.Install the new Windows in the considered modification is easy - via the file setup.exe, the product is present in the installation.Shortly after the announcement of the evaluation version of Windows 10 separate assemblies distribution appeared on torrent resources.So, among the popular - Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9901 Rus X64 Torrent, adapted, in particular, for Russian users of 64-bit devices.

different "buildsĀ»

What assemblies (which are also called "builds") will introduce the version of Windows?They are quite a lot.Thus, the popular build of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9888. There are other versions of the distribution.Among the common - Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10009. The differences between the "builds" a whole little.For example, in some versions, you can drag shortcuts from the Start menu on your desktop, in others this option is not available.But on the whole interface of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10009, 9901, 9888 do not differ much.

Regardless of what version of the OS is available to the user, the main features of the new operating system, it will be able to explore.Since these distributions - Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9901, 10009, 9888 - study, it does not matter exactly what they sold.It is possible that, for example, the final version of the corporate operating system - Enterprise - will be complemented by options that are not represented in the respective assemblies, or have limited functionality.

It may be noted that the distributions are considered a new version of Windows are focused primarily on system administrators.That is, the ordinary user may and do not see the difference between the options implemented in different "buildsĀ» Windows 10 available for download.After loading, relatively speaking, Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9901 Rus x64 9901, he can evaluate it in the same way, if in his possession proved distribution 10009 or 9888.


learn the specifics interface of the new OS from Microsoft.For example, in Windows 10 reappears "Start" menu, but it is implemented in combination with the "tiles" that are present in the interface of Windows 8.

Start menu consists of two areas.In the left-hand side - the familiar to many users of earlier versions of the operating system list on the right - those "tiles."Nearby is the search string, and, it involves the activation of treatment is not only the files your computer, but also to the appropriate servers on the Internet.Moreover, a similar option is caused not only by means of the start menu, but also to search through the interface, which can cause the taskbar.

include fundamentally new interface elements implemented in the new version of Windows - button Task View.With it you can display the information about running applications.Another notable new interface - the creation of groups of programs to perform different tasks.You can switch between them as you can by using the Task View.Another nice option is to work with applications running - Aero Snap.With it, the user can switch between programs and windows.

The new version of Windows appeared "Notification bar", very similar to the one implemented in the interface of Windows 8.1.To call it, you need to press a special button, or if you are using the appropriate device, a gesture on the screen.Notifications panel also provides access to some important settings of the OS.

If necessary, you can deploy Windows operating system interface to full screen.This option may be particularly useful and popular among owners of mobile devices with small screens.

habitual users of previous versions of the OS tab "Computer" option replaced Home.When you activate it loaded and functional file manager of the operating system and partitions are available Favorites, the recently opened documents and folders, which are often used by PC owners.Among other notable features wire - the cloud drive One Drive.It looks almost the same as the logical partitions of the hard drive, habitual users.There is an interesting tab Share, utilizing which you can send files by e-mail, or if documents - print them.You can also send files to other programs.

Thus, in the interface of Windows 10 Technical Preview (ratings experts and users are also accompanied by very positive assessment of the relevant data) are implemented on the one hand, the other well known classical elements such as the Start menu and desktop, with another - "tiles"and other innovative elements.The owner of the operating system can, if necessary, to create multiple desktops simultaneously.In previous versions of Windows, this was not possible.Except, of course, switch between different user accounts - each was a separate work desk.


Among the notable features in Windows 10 Technical Preview (includes reviews of many users very positive assessment of it) - synchronization of devices via branded apps from Microsoft.It is expected that they will be available for download in a single store.The user thus does not need to feel the difference between the level of comfort, access to appropriate applications regardless of the device that he uses a particular time.

Synchronization - one aspect of cloud technology is already implemented in solutions from Microsoft.For example, mobile users and "desktop" of Windows can use file vault One Drive and access it from any device.It is assumed, therefore, the introduction of related concepts also in the other solutions brand.This feature is generally well correlated with the concept of a universal operating system, which we have said above.

Universal app

clear that to run on any devaysakh will need special, universal version of the application.Their main feature - that the source is 90% identical.The rest of the program will be adapted to the specific interface devaysa or the needs of a particular user in terms of design.The peculiarity of the new concept that people pay for the application once, can use it on any device.Even now, according to experts of the market, this idea is implemented in the distributions of new Microsoft Office.It only remains to wait for the final version of Windows 10, and verify the effectiveness of the relevant concepts.

What will be the final version of Windows?

So we looked at key features of the evaluation version of the OS from Microsoft, Windows 10 Technical Preview.Unlike Enterprise - Corporate version, adaptation to user needs.However, whether they will be less significant in the final version of the OS, hard to say.

The trial version is missing some important options.Which for example?In the final version of Windows will be realized virtual assistant Cortana, familiar to users of mobile devices.This program is designed to facilitate the work with the device on which the operating system is installed.However, as noted by some experts who have studied Windows 10 Technical Preview, the Russian language it will not be supported initially.In addition, it is assumed that Cortana will be integrated with the search engine Bing, which in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries - Ukraine, Belarus, is not too popular.

Free upgrade from older versions

Microsoft is announcing the Windows 10 Technical Preview (user feedback and analysts about it - quite enthusiastic) announced that for the owners of distribution of Windows 7 and 8, loading the new OS will be free - within a year afterhow will the final version of the operating system.Such a possibility for users of OS brand Microsoft is not open earlier.Except, of course, a free upgrade to Windows 8 version 8.1.

Features Cortana

We study more facts about the program Cortana.It is a voice assistant, Feature a very close interface Siri from Apple.Traditionally, it is used with smartphones, but plans to Microsoft, as we noted above - to include it in the final version of the OS.It is not set in Windows 10 Technical Preview.Enterprise, as well as other versions of the final distribution is expected to be already equipped with the assistant Cortana.

Call the program in question, the user can search through the line.The corresponding option also is not implemented in Windows 10 Technical Preview.Enterprise, and other outcome distributions are probably already be characterized by this opportunity.Turning to Cortana, the user can launch files - music, documents, generate reminders.It may be noted that the analog Cortana from Apple, assistant Siri, is not implemented in the "desktops".In this sense, Microsoft, as experts note, ahead of the competition.By the way, Google has not yet developed a solution for the "desktop", similar in function of the program Cortana - there is only appropriate Web interfaces.

new browser

Among the innovations implemented in Windows 10 - browser Spartan.It is not clear yet whether it will replace the traditional, used in the previous operating system Internet Explorer.Which browser Spartan notable options can be noted?It may well be attributed to those notes mode, allowing the user to make comments, which are located on top of the web page.Subsequently, people can share them on social networks or sent by mail.

Relevant notes can be written as a keyboard or using the touch screen - your finger or stylus.It is expected that the browser will be implemented Spartan mode of reading - when the contents of a web page will be converted into the appropriate format and at the same time saved for viewing offline.It may be noted that the browser will be integrated with Cortana.

integration of the operating system and Xbox

assumed that the new version of Windows will be integrated with Xbox - a popular game console from Microsoft.In particular, for the user to view the operating system application is available Xbox.Already integrated functions related to social categories - for example, a tape player activity, something similar with Twitter.Members of the new OS will be able to translate the gameplay on any device that is controlled by Windows 10.