Pavlo Lazarenko: biography.

Pavlo Lazarenko (see photo. Below) - Former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Doctor of Economics.According to the UN, he stole from the state treasury about $ 200 million, and according to Ukrainian administration - $ 320 million. In order to escape justice, went to the United States.But the fate of that being said, you will not leave.There Pavel Ivanovich was sentenced to 9 years in prison and a fine of $ 10 million for "abuse of finances."In the American prison, he spent 8 years for money laundering and fraud.


Pavlo Lazarenko, biography which will be presented in this article, was born in the village of Karpovka (Ukraine) in 1953.Father of the policy was the gardener.In 1978 he graduated from the Agricultural Institute Lazarenko Dnepropetrovsk.In 1996 he became a doctor of economic sciences.

In 1985, he served as 2nd secretary of the District Committee of the CPSU.In March 1992 he represented the interests of the President in the Dnipropetrovsk region.Two years later, Paul Ivanovich was elect

ed MP.In his official biography states that as a result of his work with little or no capital investment were revived one of the most neglected areas of Dnipropetrovsk region - Yuriev and Sinelnikovskoye.Pavlo Lazarenko also organized the construction and commissioning of the subway in Dnipropetrovsk and completed 50 of protracted industrial and social spheres.

In September 1995, the first deputy prime minister, and a year later - the prime minister of Ukraine.Over a year of work in this position Lazarenko introduced a state monopoly on excisable goods, held a monetary reform and introduced the national currency - the hryvnia.


In July 1997, Paul Ivanovich went into opposition and became a negative perception of the then President Leonid Kuchma.After 2 months, he took the place of the head of the president of the opposition party "Hromada".In the 1998 elections to the Verkhovna Rada, it was able to overcome the 4% barrier, and Pavel Ivanovich led faction and became a deputy.

prosecution and escape from the country

In 1998, the policy was detained in Switzerland and was accused of financial fraud.But later he was released on bail, and Pavlo Lazarenko returned to Kiev.In early 1999, Ukraine's prosecutor general has filed a petition in the Supreme Rada of depriving the policy of parliamentary immunity and to arrest him.Against this, the Socialists voted only Morozov and the party "Hromada".After these results faction "Gromada" was closed, and its former members (Timoshenko Turchinov, etc.) Once organized a new one - "Fatherland".This allowed Lazarenko become an independent MP, did not belong to any faction.Report of the Attorney General M. Potebenko says, "Lazarenko illegally opened several foreign currency accounts for a total of 4.5 million francs to 2 million dollars.The total damage from the activities of the policy for the period from 1993 to 1997 amounted to $ 2 million. ยป


In February 1999, the former prime minister was arrested in New York because he violated the visa regime and tried to illegally enter theUSA.Lazarenko has asked for US political asylum but was denied.And in 2000, the policy was charged with fraud, extortion and money laundering.Pavlo Lazarenko transferred to the United States about $ 114 million. According to the UN, the size of the stolen funds is $ 200 million.

Court and the verdict of the Court

Lazarenko began in mid-2001.A few months later the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has put forward in absentia against Pavel Ivanovich number of new charges - of involvement in the organization of several assassinations, including Hetman and Shcherban.

Prosecutors demanded the United States to recover from the policy fine of $ 66 million and put him in jail for 18 years.Lazarenko was in prison until 2003.And after paying bail of $ 86 million he was placed under house arrest.The Court itself held in San Francisco, because there was no policy of family ranch.In 2006, the personal accounts of Pavel Ivanovich were frozen (but not robbed) $ 477 million. In the same year he was sentenced to 9 years in prison and a fine of $ 10 million. The judge reduced the amount of proven fraud up to $ 5 million. Also from prosecution lost the mostscandalous episodes associated with "United Energy Systems of Ukraine" (UESU).Lazarenko left under house arrest until 2008.During this time he repeatedly filed an appeal has not yet exhausted all the possibilities.Then the policy was sent to federal prison.In 2009, the judge decided to reduce the term of imprisonment.

Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly asked the US to grant them Pavlo Lazarenko, but America refuses because of the lack of an extradition treaty between the two countries.


To "move" to the US policy was married to Tamara Lazarenko and has two daughters and a son.Already under investigation I managed to conclude a civil marriage with a girl who half his age, and even give birth to her son.

Chosen Oksana Lazarenko became Tsikova - granddaughter of the famous academician, who headed the Research Institute of corn in Dnepropetrovsk.Before moving to America, she was an activist of the youth wing of the "Gromada".While Pavel Ivanovich helped Oksana get direction to study in one of the best Western universities.The fact that her benefactor arrested Tsikova learned in London.Like the wife of the Decembrist, she went to a man who is infinitely respected.While Lazarenko served time in a California prison, Oksana worked as an interpreter with his lawyers.During this time, its sympathy for the former head of a strengthened.The same feelings experienced and Pavel Ivanovich.As a result, after the transfer to house arrest Lazarenko exactly 9 months Tsikova bore him a son, Ivan.

Interestingly, from the general public, this fact was hidden.Cause - nerastorgnuty Lazarenko marriage with his lawful wife.Position adulterer could badly affect the political career of Pavel Ivanovich, which he was trying to revive.But judging by the rumors, his wife Tamara is not bored and meets with former driver policies.If this is true, then the conscience of the former prime minister is absolutely clean.

Pavlo Lazarenko and Yulia Tymoshenko

The indictment listed the couple as "accomplices."All the matter in the lawsuit, which was promulgated US prosecutors.It contains detailed information on the movement of finance from the accounts of companies controlled by Yulia Tymoshenko, on foreign "piggy bank" the former prime minister.

addition, Pavlo Lazarenko has received from Tymoshenko $ 162 million - is the largest part of its US assets.The lawsuit states that the 1996 policy was transferred $ 84 million from the company "Smalley Interprayzes" and another $ 65 million from the "United Energy".A year later transferred Lazarenko were directed $ 13 million. All of these businesses are directly related to the Yuliya Tymoshenko.This is evidenced by a document of the United States Attorney General.The reliability of the data confirmed the FBI Special Agent Debra Laprevott, which investigated the case on fraud Pavlo Lazarenko.If the charges on the debts were directed prove that Tymoshenko threatens to 12 years in prison.And despite the fact that we are talking about the case of 1996, the statute of limitations article has not yet expired.

Where is Pavel Lazarenko?

November 1, 2012 policy served his term and was handed over to immigration authorities to decide on its further presence in the country.Pavel Ivanovich defined in prison for immigrants in California.A week later, "Ukrinform" said the politician has left this place.Where he was transferred, no one knows.Yes, and on the websites of the customs and immigration controls, which give information about the detainees, no longer appears such a name as Pavlo Lazarenko.Where now living former Prime Minister - nobody knows.