What are the causes of the USSR

human nature to occasionally remember the past, unconsciously comparing it with this image.So it is now after the disappearance in 1991 of the world political arena huge superpower - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR, it is often remembered.

citizens, catching those days in conversations sometimes referred to, that would be great to revive the Soviet Union.Although the desire for a better life is inherent in everyone, and people offer the best, in their opinion, the decision, but before you say about the need to recreate the Union, should be good to find out what are the causes of the USSR.Obviously, nowhere did not arise.So now, as then, should be identified prerequisites of the USSR.Talking about the future - a thankless task, leave it to the philosophers.Wise men say that the future is uncertain, it is not known if the past.However, we can now remember what the causes of the USSR, and, if necessary, to review history.

prerequisites were laid back in 1917, when after the overthrow of autocracy became increasingly there is a question of organization of power.In 1919, the Central Board of the RSFSR issued a special decree, according to which Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia are united to confront world imperialism.

important to note that each of these republics remain independent and retain the right to self-determination, and became united, first of all, the railway infrastructure, as well as military, financial and economic component.Soon after, in 1922, joined the Federation of the Transcaucasian countries, including Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.In fact, this is the date of formation of the Soviet Union - December 30 of the above year.

way, at that time consisted of only 4 of the Republic, others joined later.Work has begun on the creation of the Constitution of the Union of Soviet Republics (1923).At the same time, in Central Asia emerged Turkmen, Uzbek, Kirghiz Soviet republics, which in 1925 became part of the Soviet Union.

It was a time of great change.Every now and then there was a question of national delimitation.His reason was that the resettlement area nations often do not coincide with the geographical boundaries of a particular country.For example, in Central Asia there were several pro-Soviet formations - Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (formed in 1918) and two "people" - Khorezm and Bukhara republic.After a series of meetings and "perekroek" boundaries formed Turkmen, Kazakh and Uzbek Republic.Actively considering ways of coexistence of education offered by a variety of projects: from the Confederation to the contractual relationship, or that was the predominant rigid centralized management.

Interestingly, the concept of unity and friendship among peoples of different nationalities are sometimes radically different.For example, a proud representative of the Caucasus rarely form unions.However, in this case the union in the Soviet Union allowed to protect its borders from attacks "neighbors".

summarize, we point out what are the causes of the USSR:

- basic - is, of course, the desire of party leaders without a war to get great power;

- mutual assistance in rebuilding infrastructure damaged during the Civil War;

- a single management authority and economic system opens up new possibilities for cooperation within the republics of the USSR;

- easy solution to protect the borders.

Knowing what the causes of the USSR, it is easy to understand that the most important components of the association is currently not available.In addition, often in the list of reasons include particular ideology: while everyone aspired to the creation of world socialism.Alas, even here, the condition for the restoration of the USSR is not respected.