Shoes thick heel: Grandma's inheritance or fashion trend?

most popular and fashionable women's shoes in the 70s of XX century were shoes with thick heels.Heel height tried to compensate for its thickness to the ladies feel safe while walking and did not feel circus tightrope walkers.

Today fashion designers use in their collections thick heel, but many women wonder about whether it is a relic of the past, and maybe it will become a cause of ridicule?Shoes thick heel - is, without a doubt, an element of a retro-style.But the retro style - one of the trends of modern fashion, which neglected simply inappropriate.And it does not imply full dress in Grandma's legacy, and the only appropriate use of elements that are beneficial underline style and original way.Details are used to create a retro-style, they are not an exact repetition of their predecessors.So thick-heeled shoes changed: the heel can be covered with leather, fabric, suede, be typesetting.Therefore, choosing a shoe, you can not worry about their own appearance - it is fashionable and stylish.The mai

n thing - to take into account some of the rules for the selection and combinations are possible for the elements of retro style.

Modern shoes thick heel may be elegant evening shoes or sport boats.Thick heel looks respectable and fashionable, that gives its wearer, stability and confident gait.

Wearing such shoes made with skirts.The most stylish set - a pencil skirt and a thick heel.The skirt may be made of various fabrics.Fashion feature - to wear shoes with thick heels socks.Modern ladies have appreciated this technique, even though it seems a little shocking.

goes well with the shoes on thick heel tight jeans.For trousers of thick fabric suitable patent leather shoes.Massive heel looks good in combination with wide loose trousers.However, this option is suitable only leggy and tall women.The low figure will look more elegant with the help of a thick heel only when the suit involves opening caviar.

Return massive heels on the fashion catwalks - a real discovery for "pyshechek."Full figured finds grace and elegance that relies on the platform shoes and toast heels.These shoes are rather cumbersome, but if you wear them with light, airy skirts and dresses that flutter in the wind, their bulkiness somewhat mitigated, and the figure becomes easy.The main thing - remember that in this case the only suitable length to his knees.Too short dress with the shoes will look vulgar, and very long silhouette weighted bottom and bring to naught all the elegance.

for the summer season are perfect for thick-heeled sandals.It is best to choose white, beige or brown shoes.This shoe is perfect for everyday wear, but not always matched with evening dresses.It is best to wear a thick heel with a business suit as it is reliable, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.Wearing thick heel with a skirt, you need to take care to match the color of stockings with shoes.It smoothes the massive shoes off her accent and makes the image more harmonious.