The problem of selecting the economy in the implementation of the strategic business planning

In the exercise of the different economic activities of any head constantly meets with the choice of where to direct their resources to be able to achieve this goal.However, this complexity there are not only business executives and entrepreneurs at the level of small and medium-sized firms and companies, but the whole state apparatus, when the planning of the state budget for the next year are determined by the areas and industries where to send financial contributions to the success of the area.Thus, the problem of choice in today's economy is hot enough, and, especially with respect to developing countries that are lagging behind developed countries in terms of economic development.That is why to succeed the authorities should carefully examine the global economic system to find the correct decision of the state problems.

Economic history shows that no country in the world could not have difficulties in economic development during its development.It is enough to remember the Great Depression of the 30s of the twentieth century in the United States when the country was in a very poor condition, the unemployment rate was a record high and the dollar's value has fallen sharply.However, in the course of its development for several decades, this state could not just get up off his knees, but to become a world power that their example today shows that to achieve success, every country.The main thing - it is a problem of choice in the economy, when in the presence of the country's budget management decides where to send the next cash.

Every manager, who is engaged in entrepreneurial activity, knows a simple economic truth that profit is possible to get there, where there is a lack of any product or service.It is important to carefully study the market, to find in it a free niche and take her time.This is the key to achieve financial success and independence.Problems of economic choices directly affect the fact whether the activities of the company or the state of successful or not.

As an example, to achieve great success on the world stage can result in China, which over the past two decades consistently occupied a niche production base working to create a wide variety of subjects of economic activity - from children's toys to the creation of high-tech equipment.Today, the country's problem of choice in the economy is not important, as China shows a steady growth of production and social welfare.Being able to use the vast human resources that the republic's leadership has focused on the production of basic consumer goods, China is gradually becoming a highly developed country.Of course, there is also a rather complicated internal political problems and different levels of economic development within the country, but they are gradually eliminated.

important to note that we all live in environments where there is limited resources and the problem of choosing any product.The fact is that there shall come into force one economic mechanism, which reads as follows: the wider the range of goods, the greater the need for constant updates for the majority of the population.The result is that you can not completely satisfy the demand, because people are constantly striving to consume more and more goods and services.It is for this reason very popular profession in the sale of goods are marketers who are engaged in the assessment of the market situation, as well as an analysis of supply and demand.

Thus, the problem of choice in the economy plays a very important role in achieving these goals, as the correctness of the path chosen depends on the success in the economic sphere for both the company and for the state as a whole.