How to avoid the flu?

in muddy times - and in the autumn and early spring, and in the winter thaw - punctually population pursue a variety of viral infections.The main task of the person who does not want to spend a lot of money on treatment and get the disapproval of the authorities for the lack of on the job, even for a good cause, it is the question of how to avoid the flu or SARS.Especially the first, because, as you know, the flu often gives serious complications that result in at least a long-term treatment.That is additional cash infusion drugs and the risk of losing their job due to a too long absence.

Influenza symptoms

must not only know how not to get the flu, but also be able to recognize the symptoms of it.Unfortunately, even professional doctor with experience do not always distinguish it from the dangerous disease less severe.In most cases, from the beginning of the flu fever, and not low-grade, and above 38. Almost necessarily a headache and myalgia - muscle pain.The people often are denoted by the phrase "bone ache."An additional symptom of a lack of cough and cold, although in some cases they may be present already as a consequence of influenza status.In any case, even if you are not sure of the diagnosis (and you believe in it, and can not be, because they do not have medical training), immediately start taking antiviral drugs - they would greatly facilitate the course of the disease in the future and facilitate its treatment.

Behavioural precautions

in many activities for the prevention of influenza depends solely on you.There are simple actions, compliance with which would minimize the risk of infection:

  1. Preventing hypothermia.The same frozen nose significantly losing ground to protect against airborne "aggressors".Vasospasm, too, does not increase the resistance of the organism and its ability to resist the invasion of pathogens.We should not and Kuta.Sweat and dramatically ostynuv you wide open the gates of a variety of infections.
  2. sure to warm the feet.A huge number of nerve endings contained in the feet, is responsible including for the condition of the nasal mucosa.Yes, and other "charms", drawn frozen feet (eg, kidney problems) you obviously do not need.
  3. Nasal breathing.Firstly, the air passing through the nose, pretty well warmed.Secondly, much of the harmful organisms held his "eyelashes."Third, all sorts of laryngitis may lead to flu and because the body is weakened.
  4. Tactile Caution: Do not do without shaking hands, kissing, touching her hands to her face.
  5. Minimization of being in public places.And it is not just giving up visits to exhibitions, performances, and so on. D., But the use of buses and subways, where the probability of encountering a sick person is already very high.If you walk just a couple of stops - it is better to walk.Going all useful, and even more so to those who are concerned about the issue of how to avoid the flu.

Protective measures at home and work

What particularly insists SaNPiN: prevention of influenza should include regular and processing facilities where a long time is a person or group of people.Very important in this regard, wet cleaning, and it should not be neglected at home, and it should be done as often as possible.Thus washed and neutralized viruses deposited on surfaces.Constant ventilation also significantly reduce the risk of infection, though in a good such a procedure should be carried out not by the hour, and after every sneeze of one of those present.But, as it seems impossible to do this at least three times per day.

elementary hygiene

during epidemics preventive medicine recommends that you regularly wash your hands after being "in society."Objections that the flu is transmitted through the air, rather than tactile, not too correct: Select the viruses in the air settle on all surfaces.In particular, on the guardrails.Touching to a place, and then - to the person, you will quietly in your body hostile pathogen.If you can not wash their hands frequently enough, carry moist antiseptic wipes and use them after the release of any public space - from transport to supermarket.

Proper prevention of influenza in adults and children, and includes frequent washing underclothes things.The viruses in the tissue can be long enough to maintain infectivity after being hit on her.

If you have a cold, it is desirable to use disposable handkerchiefs.No need to carry in your pocket colonies of bacteria and voluntarily return them to your body.

Drug prevention

There are certain drugs that preventive medicine advises to use in the midst of epidemics.One of the best ways to prevent infection of the nose is considered to wash after each "collision" with a large number of people.For this fit and normal saline and warm salt water.However, there are two obstacles:

  • is not always possible to conduct such a procedure (though not everyone dares to wash his nose in the middle of the day);
  • if you have a runny nose, this manipulation can be harmful.

therefore washing should be dealt with in the morning and evening.And during the day to protect themselves from virus attacks, it is necessary to lubricate the nasal passages oxolinic ointment - it creates a pretty reliable barrier to bacteria and viruses.You can also start taking immunostimulants at epidemic and preventive doses of antiviral drugs (if health permits, and only after consultation with your doctor).

Do not forget about the protective mask.If you have some time will have to spend among a large number of people use it without any hesitation.Health is more expensive.And if in your office type "mask mode" - do not break it for aesthetic reasons.As a patient, you'll be sure to look worse.

Power influenza in times

In considering "how not to get the flu," it is in regard to food, there are certain disputes.It is believed that the epidemic must become a fan of vegetarianism.And in recent years, this view is gaining more and more fans.However, professional preventive medicine categorically disagrees.Instead, she advises in the flu at all times to give up all kinds of diets and eat a hearty and full.In the winter months the body and so spends a tremendous amount of strength to resist adverse circumstances.Deprives him of a full-fledged "fuel" - means to undermine his life.The only thing converge and "straights" and "alternativschiki" because it is necessary to abandon or at least limit any alcohol consumption.The alcohol lowers immune ability of the body.

Additional measures in prophylaxis of influenza can be entered and a humidifier for air.Nasal mucosa strongly weakens its drying.A central heating radiators working desiccate the air is very noticeable.

This may also include adjustment of heating panels, if it is provided in your home.Too hot climate in an apartment in conflict with the cold outside.From such a dramatic change is possible and easy to catch a cold;also in this case, again, affects the mucous membranes and therefore, your ability to resist influenza epidemic.

Vaccination: the pros and cons

However, the official medicine believes that all these measures - only a half-measure.The only viable option in addressing the question, "how not to get the flu" is a vaccination against it.Among the people strolling certain objections to vaccination.The most weighty of them - rapid mutation of the virus and the emergence of new strains.In second place among the arguments - the risk of the vaccine to the body.But in fact, safe drugs developed more than half a century ago.Yes, they do not have all the options to counter the flu, but it is effective against the four most common and "ferocious" strains.And the influence of the remaining weakened greatly, making it easier for the disease and almost ensuring no complications.Prophylactic vaccination is thus will secure the graft is almost one hundred percent.To the category of people who should avoid it, it can be attributed only to those who are currently already has some health problems, such as a cold or have recently had a disease.

This should not refuse vaccination

healthy adult men, of course, can be capricious.However, the most vulnerable categories of the population this is not recommended.These include:

  • Students spend a lot of time among a large number of people;
  • kids starting from the age of six-month to five years - they have a resistance to influenza is still quite low;
  • seniors 65 and older who have low immunity because of their age.Even if the vaccine does not prevent the disease, it will significantly reduce its severity;
  • ladies "in position."They introduced the vaccine in an inactivated state, so that the risk to the fetus is minimal - in contrast to the consequences that could occur in case of illness;
  • teachers, doctors, drivers, vendors - all those who, in a professional have to communicate with different people;
  • people often ill: this suggests that the immune system, and so they are not at a level so that they catch the flu have a great chance.

Do not forget that the vaccine only affects the incidence of influenza.From other types of ARI and ARI she did not fear.

What advises people: prevention

good help in the prevention of folk remedies may be the flu.Only they do, of course, it is not necessary, however, and ignore - too.The most effective and proven as follows:

  1. quarter kilogram of honey is connected with aloe juice.Infused in cold 10 days, drink fasting month: adults on the table, the children - a teaspoon.
  2. in equal amounts mixed dried apricots, honey, walnuts and lemon.The drug is infused 5 days, and use it in the morning and before bedtime on the spoon.
  3. in 3 liters of water boiled for 20 minutes, a quarter of a kilogram of dried rose hips.Drink tea instead of any number.

Garlic recipes

most reliable at all times was considered the garlic from the flu.Recipes with it - a great many.Here are a few:

  1. choke 3-4 garlic cloves, was mixed in a glass of fresh carrot juice, and five days for half an hour before a meal consumed half a cup of the drug.
  2. Of the 10 lemons bones removed (peel left);citrus finely rub.10 garlic heads understand and are pressed into slices.The two masses are joined, divorced with 3 liters of water, leave.Drink the medicine twice a day (on an empty stomach!) For a large spoon.

combining folk remedies against influenza with the recommendations of the official medicine, it is possible to go through the influenza season without shocks and damage to health.