Earnings on the "Android".

use the Internet almost every modern man: at home, at work, or sometimes just watching the weather in your phone.In fact, it does not matter.If you know what the Internet means that you can learn how to get paid for it.Earnings on the "Android" is gaining more and more turns of each day, and is now one of the most relevant ways to make a profit on the Internet.

Methods earnings

Earnings on "Android" -based applications involves several options:

  • Photography.There are special programs that allow you to sell other users photos, made by your phone or tablet.You can take certain subjects or take pictures with customers on any subject.By the way, some applications allow you to put the desired value for the shot.
  • Advertising.Of course, without advertising today can not escape.But now you can also benefit from it.Earnings on the "Android" might look like this: you sometimes marked in certain stores, scan the barcodes of purchased products, register for certain sites.The procedure is quite long, so you can easily find videos, containing advertising, and view it.For it is not so much pay, but it's better than nothing.
  • Earnings on "Android" -The game.Also very convenient.There are some programs that offer quests.All you will need to download the game, install it and leave a response.Payment is not bad.
  • Applications for data collection.Each such application has its own specific character, study it carefully before downloading.To cope with the performance of such tasks a bit harder, but higher payments.

As you can see, the methods are actually very much, and each of them is different personality.Choose something for yourself is not difficult.

Earnings in the photo: Clashot

This application is the most popular photos for sale.To start will need to install it on your Android device and register.The main advantage is that you can put pictures on our judgment, there is no clear-cut categories of compliance.

Among the disadvantages:

  • can not put a price on their own;
  • you will not know where to get pictures in the future.

Earnings on "Android" with the application Clashot depends on you.From one deal you get 44%, and the rest goes to the fund the program.

have Clashot has a built-in camera, but to use it will not always be appropriate, because the image quality may suffer.For this reason, it is best to do a photo from your device Android, process it and only then offered for sale through the gallery.

View advertising Tapporo

Earning with "Android" can be obtained for viewing ads.For example, the popular application Tapporo.When it has just appeared, it was a normal service for the entertainment and small payments.

However, the popularity grew with time payments already crossed the mark of half a million dollars.This prompted the developers to ensure that little to modernize the system.For viewing ads you get virtual money, called ORO coins.

Of course, the greatest disadvantage is the fact that real money, you will not be able to receive.All the earnings are spent only for the acquisition of store Tapporo various applications and others.Although you may be able to find it for himself something interesting.

Earnings to Earn Money

question arises whether there is a program to earn money on the "Android", where you can get real money.Yes, these actually exist, and Earn Money is among them.Watch the video of the proposed system, follow some very simple tasks and then get points.These points can then be exchanged for real money.The application supports the payment system PayPal, from there you will already be able to withdraw funds to another wallet, if needed.


  • If you give a link to a page to a friend, he will register it and start working, you will get 25 cents.Further, a system, a bit like a pyramid.If a friend would invite someone on your link, you as the first level of referral is not already charged 5% and 10%.
  • application can be downloaded to your phone or tablet for free.
  • Earn Money has a simple and intuitive interface, to understand the work that is not difficult.

only one disadvantage: the conclusion is made on PayPal.This system is not widely known for each country.And if to translate it to other services, such as Webmoney, withdrawn percentage.

project AppRating: overview

Earnings on installing applications "Android" may be entertaining.It is not possible to perform only those tasks that are linked with advertising, but also play, and this is much more interesting.For example, one of the most popular programs today - AppRating.

scheme works:

  • Download the application and install it on your device with the system "Android".
  • A list of jobs available, choose the one that liked the most.
  • After getting the job, you will see a link that leads to Google Play, go for it.
  • do all the necessary actions: download the proposed game, run it, leave a review.
  • returns to the account already Apprating.
  • about setting press "check".
  • receive monetary compensation.

As you can see, the scheme is quite simple, and it can cope with absolutely everyone.The main thing that was a desire.A quest that ask only download and install the game, pay a few cents, but you can make such a great deal.

Those tasks that involve more preparation and review, are paid more.Try to write a detailed, vivid tip, do not use templates.So you will pay attention and will be more likely to give orders with higher pay.

minimum payout, which you can transfer into your electronic wallet 50 rubles.Do not forget about the referral program, it is always and everywhere.Engage your friends and acquaintances in this way earnings, send them your link and have a permanent income 5% already from the fact that they receive.

Appendix WHAFF

Another popular program that will allow you to get a good additional income.The point is simple - you are performing the proposed tasks are getting for it a fee.Depending on the complexity of the task and the time for its execution payout may vary.


  • Most payment for performing tasks.
  • can earn income on affiliate programs.
  • Huge selection of jobs, their constant updating.


  • conclusion minimum amount of $ 10.
  • not so many ways to withdraw funds, mainly used only PayPal.

Appendix pretty good, perfect for beginners earnings.You can start with this, to understand the system of work and move on to other projects.

Earnings Android Market

You can find a wide variety available for download free applications to make money."Android" is expanding with each passing day more and more.Among such programs especially popular Android Market.This service was created by Google and allows owners of devices based on "Android" not only for myself downloading useful applications, but also to capitalize on them.

Earnings on the project is carried out by placing their programs.They can be of two types:

  • Pay.There is a limit on the countries.For example, Russia may place paid applications, but Belarus and Ukraine - no.Earnings for paid apps is rather large.
  • Free.What do the citizens of those countries who do not have just hit the jackpot on paid games and apps?We'll have to post free content.But do not despair, because for him, too, can get a bit of money.It works on a banner advertisement, you simply place it on a page with the program.Also in the game you can put these chips for the purchase of which the users have to pay.

turn ideas

Earnings on "Android" -based applications - it is very profitable.All you have to do - is to place some interesting games, and useful guides.You can then doing nothing, getting a good profit.

course, create your game tyazhelo.No at the same time it is very interesting, if you look.Look at the exciting ideas that make the quest for a bright subject famous cartoon.

If the game you are not very interested in, then you can move to the creation of training programs - they are always in demand.After the first payment will be able to make sure that earning money on "Android" - it's real.

Real income from Android Market

How much can you earn in the application - it depends entirely on you.This will depend on how many people Browse and download the downloaded application.Remember the cardinal rule - the more programs you provide, the more competitive you will be.

Draft Android Market every day to attract new users, so the earnings on the Internet at "Android" also has great prospects for development.

AdverTapp - stable payment

AdverTapp - very handy application, earnings where possible by performing simple tasks.As for payment, it all depends on your ranking.For example, at the primary level you choose simple sentences - download, install the game.Payment varies from about 3 to 5 rubles.Eventually your rating will rise and the system will provide access to high-paying jobs.


  • This application is absolutely free.
  • If you have Internet is enabled, the system will constantly send notification that a new task has been added.
  • simple and easy to use interface.
  • minimum amount for withdrawal is not installed.
  • Withdrawals by e-wallet is done in minutes.
  • system supports Qiwi, WebMoney.


  • There are only a lack of applications.It consists in the fact that sometimes there are no database is available for the task.This is quite rare, but can cause some discomfort.

Earnings on "Android" - it really

in today's money the device platform "Android" have virtually everyone.Many are not even aware that in their hands is a tool with which you can get a stable extra income.Maybe some just do not believe it.

Believe it or not - this is a private matter.Just try it - it came to nothing obliges.All you need only select one of the applications described above, and install on your phone.Then start to perform tasks and get a deserved his money.