Procrustean bed: this is what it means to popular expression?

Procrustean bed - an expression that can be found in countless literary works.Of course, the oral daily communication, this idiom is used infrequently.But the meaning and history of its origin are interesting enough.

What is a Procrustean bed?To find out, you need to refer to ancient history, or rather, to the myths of ancient Greece.

Procrustean bed - a bit of history

At the time, Procrustes was considered one of the most famous bandits of Greece.The brutality of his crimes just amazed.By the way, in the works of various historians and art historians, this character is referred to by different names.Stories he is known as the Damask and how Polipemnon.The very same name of Procrustes translated from Greek means "stretch."

This robber lived in Attica and hunting people on the road between Athens and Megara.To begin with deception Procrustes lured lonely travelers in their home.Here he offered them a hearty dinner and a warm bed.

But instead of the promised his guest, he was putting on a bed.Further his crime depended on the victim.If his prey became diminutive man whose bed was too big, they tied it, and then beat a huge hammer, breaking with the bones and joints stretching as long as the height of a man did not start to blend in with the size of the bed.With high

people for whom the Procrustean bed was too small, rogue treated quite differently.He cut all the parts to get enough sleep as long as a person does not fit on the bed.

Procrustes ended his life as well as his victim.The hero of ancient Greek myths of Theseus laid him on the bed and cut off his head.

In fact, the ancient Greek myths are not entirely accurate in this regard.There is another legend.Some sources state that from Procrustes was the son of Silei, who was named Sinis.He also raised a cruel man who attacked people in the forest, on the territory of the Isthmus of Corinth.

Sinis it twisted two trees and tying them to the human limb, and then let go.Thus, its victims simply burst.It is believed that the Sinis was also killed by Theseus, and he died the same way and kill their victims.

To date it is not known whether the Sinis son of Procrustes, or whether it is one and the same person.Whatever it was, but the robber has died at the hands of Theseus - on this account all sources are unambiguous.But the expression "Procrustean bed" remains to this day

Procrustean bed: the value of the winged expression

So, we figured out how there was the expression itself.But what does it mean?Procrustean bed - phraseologism with very deep roots.It refers to a kind of yardstick, by which try something fit or adapt violently.

This is a popular expression used, if they want to emphasize the desire to forcibly adjust something under strict limits, thus sacrificing something really important and essential.

Quite often it is a popular expression used in the art.Thus, the artists tried to emphasize that fit irrational nature of creativity under any limited conception is impossible.Violent attempts to do so would lead only to confusion or loss of the original value.Creative people quite reasonably believes that it is impossible to fit or adjust all the infinite phenomenon for any previously made conservative theory.

Procrustean bed just refers to these same boundaries limitations of the system too rigid templates and artificially contrived standards.

course, in everyday life, this expression should not be used too often.It is not always appropriate, and not everyone will be able to understand its true meaning.