Problems of the content of education in the context of the Heritage KD

problem of the content of school education - one of the most pressing problems of our time.State program "Education. Ukraine of the XXI century." "The concept of education of children and youth in the national education system", "National Doctrine of Education Development in Ukraine in the XXI century."and other documents emphasize a national orientation of modern education.In this context, noteworthy pedagogical ideas of outstanding Ukrainian teacher KDUshinskogo, his views on the content of school education.

multifaceted heritage of the teacher, studied in detail by scientists.However, the idea Ushinskogo optimization training, updating the content of education, the issues of national priorities in approaches to education are still relevant, require detailed attention.Therefore, the aim of our study is to analyze the pedagogical heritage Ushinskogo, his views on the content of school education.

based his pedagogical system scientist put the idea of ​​public education, believing that a child from an early age should adopt the elements of popular culture, learn their native language through ethnic signs and symbols through their native culture, folklore.

Ushinsky proved that such an approach to education, training, child contributes to a considerable psychological, moral qualities, develops national and patriotic feelings.In the article "Native Word" Ushinsky noted the importance of the mother tongue as a fundamental principle of national education of the child, calling him a "great national teacher", "the greatest national coach," "disappears when the vernacular - the people there."

In his writings, "Man as the subject of education", "Native Word", "Work in his mental and educational significance", "Children's World" and others. Teacher praised folk pedagogy, called for a thorough and comprehensive study of the educational experience of the people.

Note that the pages of his works include the best samples of folklore: proverbs, sayings, riddles, tongue twisters, songs, folk tales, etc ..

Ushinsky defended the natural right of each people to have their national schools, national system of education.In this context, it is worth paying attention to the work of "the need to make Russian Russian school" in which the author of the content, presentation logic calls through a "pre-emptive, increased study of the homeland" and make Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian schools on the basis of knowledge of Ukrainian.Therefore, the training required to build it, especially considering the national characteristics of children, a creative approach to the organization of creative-search operation, paying attention to the development of school local history.

artistic heritage of Ushinskogo retains its value for modern pedagogy, here we find a lot of provisions which, as a fundamental, to help better understanding of the child's personality, promote the optimal selection of ways of its development, updating the content of school education on the national basis.