How to tie the skates?

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Ice skating - a great pastime.And like this occupation is not only children but also many adults.Figure skating or hockey championship often collect front of the TV the whole family.Hard male sport or elegant women's dance does not leave anyone indifferent.The desire to go there at all, who like this kind of sport.Picking comfortable clothes and bought skates, you can go to the skating rink.

And then the question arises, how to tie skates.It depends on the convenience of skiing.It is impossible to move freely in the foot ridge, and pull the laces is not too desirable.There may be blisters, or quickly get tired legs.Then the desire to ride for a long time gone.

basic rules

how to tie skates?Who will tell.First you need to learn a few simple rules.

  1. skates to choose strictly on the size of the feet, so that they last longer.Before you buy be sure to try on the socks, which is planned to skating.
  2. Model shoes and its hardness is also very important.It depends on the sport (figure skating or hockey) and the level of training.If skates are needed only for walks, buy cheap and soft model.
  3. best to choose shoes that have the top part has hooks (eyelets).They are easier to put on and take off faster.Therefore, we can often unleash that rested leg or fingers warmed up.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to the laces.Ideally, they should be nylon and a little stretch, but can go up and simple, not very thick.If laces are bought separately, be sure to pay attention to their length.
  5. laced shoes just sitting and before will be removed protective covers.

figure skates

to ride was comfortable, you should know how to tie a figure skates.

  1. Relax the whole lacing to foot it came loose and able to move inside the shoe.
  2. leg stretch, relax your fingers.
  3. start stringing a toe, while the fingers should fit snugly to the insole.But not tighten too tight so they do not numb.
  4. lacing direction - from the bottom up and from the outside inwards so that the crossing was lying on the tongue of the shoe.This will provide a better fit to the foot and stability in driving.
  5. During lacing constantly check how easy the foot in the shoe.The ankle should be fine and painlessly move.Yet most tight lacing need it in the ankles.
  6. above the ankle to fasten the skates can be a little bit weaker.The distance between hooks leaving at least 2 cm.
  7. At the top of the shoe lace throws over the first hook, and then slid under his bottom and then passed to the top, to the next.A loop helps to keep tight lacing.
  8. Ends best secure double knot.To do this, bend them in the form of loops and connect.Shoelaces must be secured.Otherwise not to avoid injury on the ice.
  9. If lacing superimposed correctly, it will not be under the stick and little finger.

Hockey skates

Men, of course, more interested in the question of how to properly tie a hockey skates.After all, the quality of the lace depends on the speed of movement in the game.And this is very important.These skates are tied, too, on all the above rules, but with one difference - the section from the nose to the place you need to fold the legs to lace more tightly and be sure to secure this part of the simple knot with a crossing.

Knowing how to tie skates, you can avoid injuries to the ankle joint.As well as the right stringing teach these shoes for their children.

Coaches advise after purchase several times to tie and untie the horses before and during driving.This helps them to better and more snugly on the foot.And in the first few workouts upper hooks to lace on the skates are not at all.So it will be easier to bend the leg muscles are not yet accustomed to the load.


Every beginner skater needs to know not only how to tie skates, but also how to carry and store.This is necessary to think in advance that there was no hassle.Skates are advised to keep in soft covers, and carry - in hard to avoid injury and damage to other things in the bag.It is best suited for such purposes durable backpack.

It can be purchased at any sporting goods store or make the most of the dense material.In addition to the backpack, also need covers for boots.They will protect the laces and leather skates surface from scratches and dirt.

Conclusion Now that you know how to tie skates.Carefully read all the recommendations can only apply their knowledge in practice.Learn to cope with the laces once and for all can be achieved automaticity skills and enjoy a walk on the skate or play hockey.