How to lace up the skates: a simple but important case

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One of the most popular in the Russian winter, and with the opening of ice rinks and have fun all season - skating.So dress for skiing purchased, skates sharpened, my heart stops in anticipation of pleasure, it remains the case for small - to find out how to lace up the skates.

look for when buying

Initially, even when buying skates, you must make sure that they are properly matched.The basic rule - shoes must be strictly in size, and they need to be measured on socks or stockings, which is planned to ride.This will help prevent injuries and extend the life of skates.

undesirable to use ice skates with plastic shoes, because they can not properly support the foot, and possibly cause personal injury.Experts recommend buying skates well-known companies ("CCM", "Nordway", "Bauer") with leather boots.The stiffer the shoe, the less likely tuck leg when riding.More comfortable skates with hooks to lace them easier and faster.It is better if the laces are elastic nylon.And finally, you need to put on and lace up the skates, convenience - a crucial parameter in the selection.


skating delivered to positive emotions, it is important to know how to lace up the skates:

  1. Tying must start from the bottom up.It should focus on what is in the nose of the ridge stretch weaker than in the instep.This is necessary in order to maintain circulation, when the ankle fixed.
  2. upper part of the ridge (an area where the ridge typically have no eyelets and hooks), too, is to weaken for a more comfortable ride.
  3. cord horse outside to the inside, that is, it turns out that the "cross" on the tongue falls below the shoe.
  4. good way to verify the tension lacing - squat after each pass through the eyelets.If the tension is correct, it does not cause discomfort or unpleasant feelings.
  5. From the point of view of safety recommended by lacing skates sitting.

If done correctly, the skates sit comfortably, and it is impossible to stick a finger laces.

players have their secrets

But not all horses the same cord.For example, skates for hockey games have a slightly different look.They are tougher, unlike skating and shaped.Also, they should sit tight on the leg.How to lace up hockey skates?

  • When obuvanii loosen the laces to the bottom of the third grommet, pull the shoe tongue and only then put on a horse.
  • Before lacing heel should be moved back, the shoe tongue - to keep pace in the selected position, the toes - just lightly touch the inside of the nose of the shoe.Only then can skate lace.
  • Before the bend of the foot delayed laces tight enough, then more freely.

Curiously, the famous hockey players their secrets, how to lace up the skates.For example, since the Russian hockey players Kharlamov greatly tightened the laces from the bottom, leaving nezashnurovannymi two or three holes on top.Canadians, on the contrary, firmly fixed ankle.In hockey on properly selected and laced skates depends on the speed of movement of the player and skating technique.

important for skaters

Area lacing skates curly usually softer for a more customized fit tight leg boot.A few tips, how to lace up the skates curly:

  • If they are new, it is desirable to skiing unlace and lace up the skates several times.This procedure can be carried out in the course of rolling, then shoes ridge more densely sit on the leg.
  • With proper lacing skates curly heel should not move neither up nor down.
  • bow of the ridge must be less tight lacing to prevent circulatory disorders, ankle should be fixed rigidly.
  • upper part should not compress the leg or hang loosely around the leg.

A long lacing skates skating weakens, it must be tightened.

How to lace up the skates?This question, at first glance, a simple, but by this procedure depends on the comfort and the safety of visiting rink.