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In early April, in the Irkutsk region in the hospitals reported up to 30 bitten, among them 7 children.In the Omsk region was first bitten registered on April 11 but turned 2 days after the bite, which was undesirable, because in case of a bite in the hospital, for the prevention, must apply for the first 3 days after a tick bite.

Where it is not necessary, there will be, no matter found on the body of the tick?

known that ticks like moisture and warmth, as well as shaded places.It is also easy to pick up a tick forest edges, near the shores of forest streams and grassy forest paths.Worth noting that in these places ticks a lot more than in the forest.Consequently, the high risk of infection encephalitis is prevalent in the following locations: meadows, ravines, river valleys, deciduous forests.Often there is an impression that the mites are jumping on the man with woody plants.The tick that latched on to the pants, jacket, creeping up, and one finds it on the shoulders, neck and head.Most of the activity of ticks observed since the beginning of May until the end of June, depending on climatic conditions, just after the mites are dying from lack of nutrients.

How tick manages to catch us?

ticks at the ends of the blades of grass, sticks and twigs, with the help of body Heller picks up the smell of the victim, and instantly pounces, vtseplyayas clothes, skin, fur, claws and their suckers.Then he begins to feed on our blood.It is worth noting that the most gluttonous females than males - in contrast to the males who eat to replenish nutrients, they can eat up to 6 days, while puffing to the size of a phalanx of the little finger.

The terrible tick?

Mites - it is the whole problem.The risk of acquiring infection with the short bite is not excluded.If you remove a tick, do not say goodbye to him, and it is better to keep the infestation research tick-borne infections (encephalitis, Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections).For microscopic diagnosis, you will be alive tick, put it in a glass vial with a piece of cotton wool soaked.Keep in mind that a positive result in the infection does not mean that the person is sick.Analysis of the need for vigilance in the case of a positive result, and peace of mind in the event of a negative.Tick-borne encephalitis - the most dangerous tick-borne infections, so prevention is needed on the first day after the bite.To remove a tick yourself, you need a thread.Lace need to throw in the proboscis, and gently pull.If his head is pulled away, then you can remove it as an ordinary splinter, sterile red-hot needle.Once removed, lubricate the wound with tincture of iodine or alcohol.